Happy National Women’s Equality Day!

Feminism isn’t a quiet mutter because feminism

Feminism isn’t a quiet mutter because feminismBy Alicia Napierkowski

It’s National Women’s Equality Day and I am feeling all of the feels. I am excited, empowered, and honored to have been passed down the torch of badass-ery from the women who struck the match and lit the flame for equality. Forty five years ago today, women were on strike. Ninety five years ago today, women won the right to vote (Can I get a ‘HELL YEAH’). It was one of the most peaceful, powerful, and successful movements in history with the victory of the nineteenth amendment.

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From Feminist to Filmmaker: Celebrating 1 Year of the Dream, Girl Kickstarter

10518976_965238946761_5050090518822131747_nby Erin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday
Director of Dream, Girl

This September marks the one year anniversary of our Kickstarter campaign.

This campaign was a bit of a challenge. I decided to go the crowdfunding route because I was ultimately terrified to pitch my idea to investors. I thought I’d be able to more convincingly sell the story I had in my head if I had a trailer. When we launched, I assumed the universe would absorb the power of our positive mission and reward us with funding. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy… but I wasn’t expecting the tumultuous journey that was about to come. The pitching. The networking. Every single day. I essentially became a one woman sales machine, talking up my idea to anyone and everyone who was interested. We did over fifty pieces of press, I must’ve talked to over a hundred female entrepreneurs about their journeys. During that time I would make notes on their company and their stories, keeping track of who my favorites were so we could reach back out to them later to be in the film.

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Interview with Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

ECKHART TOLLEBonnie Jo Stufflebeam reached out with information about her Kickstarter project, Strange Monsters, which she began with her partner, Peter Brewer and successfully funded. I was immediately inspired by her feminist spirit and bold voice that I had to know more about her project and how she came to be a feminist fiction writer. Read my interview with Bonnie below and follow her trail on social media to stay up to date on the release of Strange Monsters! Continue reading…

Standing with Planned Parenthood


BESTBy Kayla Goggans

If Planned Parenthood took the form of a human being, that human being would feel as if the Republicans were constantly pushing to grab hold of its neck. Maybe that is how Margaret Sanger felt after Planned Parenthood was formed in the 1960s. Maybe the constant battle inspired her to continue; she knew what was right, she knew women no longer had to have 11 babies like her mother. No more women had to hurt or accidentally kill themselves by giving themselves abortions with coat hangers, nor did women that already had a sickness worsen themselves by pregnancy, as she did when she gave birth with tuberculosis. Continue reading…

My Manifesto for Girls

surf schoolBy Grellyn Paoad
In years, I am young; in experience, I am lacking. I have barely grasped the adult world yet, with all its intricacies and protocols. It can often be a scary and daunting place to navigate, and there are times when my heart is filled with fear and doubt.

Yet amidst all the confusion, I am guided by an inner strength that pulls all my shaking parts together. I have my inner wisdom to listen to – and right now it is saying that despite all the changes happening in my life, I should never give up on my ideals. Continue reading…

A Conversation with Rorie Kelly

roriekellyby Erel Pilo
The first time I met fellow singer-songwriter, Rorie Kelly, was at a GoGirls concert at The Branded Saloon, a Western themed bar in Brooklyn. When I walked in, Rorie — whose stature may be on the petite side, but her voice is anything but — was onstage, belting out her songs amidst a swirling mass of hair. Fiery and red-headed, she is reminiscent of a certain Disney mermaid, only you get the feeling that if she had gotten to play the role, Ariel would never have given up her voice to the sea witch, still would have negotiated herself a strong pair of legs and had Prince Eric chasing after her the remainder of the movie, trying to keep pace. Rorie recently created Songs to Start a Fire, a vehicle to empower women through music. I met up with Rorie to learn about her new program. Continue reading…

Women Supporting Women: Ode to Koko

KoKoby Erin Bagwell
Dream, Girl Producer
Founder of Feminist Wednesday

This past week I got married, and my husband Sal and I took an amazing honeymoon. While being unplugged for a while my brain got the much needed chance to wind down and reflect on everything that has been happening with Dream, Girl over the past year. Sometimes I get up in the morning and I go to work like everyone else, but other times I walk into an office I built, with an amazing employee I hired, and wonder how the hell I got here. One of those reasons is my business partner and friend Komal Minhas.

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Smart Women Making a Difference: Erin Bagwell

In partnership with TED, Clinique Smart Ideas featured our very own Erin Bagwell to share her story spanning from Feminist Wednesday to Dream, Girl and all that’s in between.

Major #WCW. Betty couldn’t be more proud to say congratulations!

Clinique and TED are looking for you to submit your very own smart idea for a chance at receiving $20,000 in funding and an invitation to a Clinique and TED hosted event here.

Queer Religion

QUEERRELIGIONBy Nicole Quinones, 19
Miami, FL

As a lesbian, I face tons of opposition. Those who believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman, those who think we’re “unnatural”, those who find us disgusting. Those who think it’s “such a waste, such a shame.” And, not mistakenly, we often associate these things with religion. Continue reading…