The Invisible Month

Photo credit: Jonathan Haidt

Photo credit: Jonathan Haidt

Jayne Riew is a New York City-based artist whose recent project, The Invisible Month, uses art as a way to understand how women’s hormonal rhythms affect their work productivity, well-being, and behavior in relationships. Check out the project’s website to learn more.

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m an artist in New York City. My work tends to explore psychological processes, like how your thoughts evolve over time or how to manage unwanted thoughts. Most of my projects take the form of books or boxes. For me art is a place where you can go for help, whether it’s for an escape, a discovery, therapy, or inspiration. We all need to change the channel more.

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Amber Amour #stoprapeedutcate


Feminist Wednesday is honored to share the story of Amber Amour, an artist who felt called to share her story of sexual assault publicly through chalk murals on the streets of New York. Her work is colorful, inspirational, and deeply personal. When we learned about the work she was doing we had to know more about the woman behind the message. This is what we learned. 

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The Inadvertent Feminist

HannahHannah Burry
Buffalo, NY

I don’t think that my dad would tell you that he raised me to be a feminist.  I think what he would tell anyone who asked about me is that he raised me to be strong, independent, and to believe in equality.  I don’t know if he realized it at the time, but he was raising me to be a feminist.  I won’t give him all the credit, I was raised by two, wonderful, amazing, and strong people.  My mom and dad were always equal partners when I was growing up and because of their relationship I expect to be treated as an equal in any relationship I enter into.

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Womancrush On Cheryl Strayed

Emilee2Emilee Russell
FW University Ambassador 

When I was in middle school, my best friend and I swore to each other that we’d hike the Pacific Crest Trail before we died. We didn’t realize then and we still don’t fully grasp how huge of an undertaking that is. The Pacific Crest Trail is a national scenic trail that spans 2,663 miles from the United States-Mexican border to just north of the Canadian border – essentially the entire length of the west coast of the United States. People often hike chunks of it at a time and a only few experienced backpackers have hiked the trail in its entirety.

Last Christmas, I was given a copy of Cheryl Strayed’s memoir Wild: From Lost to Found On the Pacific Crest Trail and finished it in a couple of days, unable to put it down. She not only tells the story of her hike (from Mojave, California to Bridge of the Gods in Oregon) but also, through flashbacks and short narratives, explains exactly what led her to drive across the country from Minnesota to hike alone in the woods for several weeks. She had never been backpacking before in her life but was drawn to the trail because she somehow knew it would be the perfect way to find herself again.

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Thanks to Feminism…

SameeSamee Callahan
FW University Ambassador

Feminism has made me a better person in the way religion is supposed to make people better. In that light, I see feminism as my religion. Because of feminism I have learned to be more open-minded and understanding.

It has also made me love myself more. No longer do I berate myself for not having smooth, muscular thighs like the other women around me. I’ve learned that my worth is more than what people can see on the outside.

Feminism has made me more interested and knowledgeable of the world around me. The world no longer revolves around me. I care about the health and safety of people in Hong Kong as much as I do about the people in Ferguson because we are all equal and deserve to be treated as such.

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Happy Feminist Wednesday!

FWWhat are you doing to celebrate the holiday?

Here are our top five picks for empowerment this week:

1. Mark your calendars! Laura Jane Grace’s new show True Trans Premiers this Friday! Watch the trailer here!

2. Watch (or listen) to this amazing discussion between Gloria Steinem and bells hooks at The New School about the future of feminism. 

3. Read this awesome debate from the editors at New Republic- “Feminism: It has conquered the culture. Now comes the hard part.”

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October Guest Writer’s Topic: #heforshe

HeforSheGlorious sorcerous and activist Emma Watson recently gave a heartfelt call to action at the UN regarding feminism with a special message to the men in our life (watch the speech here). She asked them to open their perspectives about gender equality and get involved in the cause. Naturally the internet exploded with #heforshe thoughts on men and feminism and it got me thinking about all our roles in the activist game.

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Girls Who Rock: Jenn Rykert

cover art ep 1600x1600Jenn Rykert is one awesome lady making waves in the music biz! Not only is she an inspiring singer/songwriter, but she is a serious women’s advocate whose songs exude female empowerment. Check out “The Weaker Sex”- the glorious and unapologetic anthem about “being a girl”. We loved this pop-rock and passionate song so much we had to know more! Check out our exclusive interview with Jenn below!

Tell us about your journey into music. Was there a certain event that sparked your creativity in music, or was it something you identified with all along?

Creating music has always been part of my life; although I didn’t acknowledge or accept it until recently. I never called myself an ‘artist’ or a ‘musician’ and would often laugh when people called me that. Not until I released my 1st 6-song EP last fall did I begin to actually respond out loud when people asked what I did, “I am a musician. I am a singer a songwriter. I am a performer”. I guess releasing my recordings made it feel official or something. As a child I would spend hours writing lyrics, making up melodies and recording them on my little tape player, and then “perform” them for hours on my coffee table stage. I remember a babysitter showing me how she wrote down all the words to the songs she loved. That’s when I fell in love with the process of actually writing out words. I have an affinity for handwritten words – it’s one of the most beautiful art forms to me.

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(NYC) Launch Party of the Lady Project

54248c0e22403Hey Ya’ll! Feminist Wednesday is so excited to be a part of the launch of the NYC Lady Project! If you are in the NYC area and want to come celebrate and mingle with some fabulous & ambitious women come check it out! Here are the details of the event (which I stole from their facebook invite below! Click here for the official FB Event!

-  - -

Calling all women in the NYC area who are doing amazing things — join us on Friday, October 3 at 7pm at Projective Space in the LES for the NYC Lady Project: Launch Party.

Grab your ticket in advance here, and save $5:

Tickets include appetizers and drinks.

We’ll have refreshments and plenty of time to mingle and network with fellow NYC Ladies. We’ll start with the NYC 3×3 – where three local women of different backgrounds, industries and career levels share their story in three minutes.

The first NYC 3×3 will include:
- Erin Bagwell, documentary filmmaker, DREAM, GIRL & Founder of Feminist Wednesday
- Tammy Tibbetts, founder, She’s the First
- Michela Aramini, founder, The Lovely It Girl

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