Meet Brittany Watson, Owner & CEO of Body Language Apparel, LLC


blallcSwimwear isn’t exactly an industry that we’d call intersectionally feminist. It’s traditionally tended to favor one body type: thin, tall, usually white. Thankfully, Brittany Watson has set out to change that narrative. She’s the founder of Body Language Apparel, a swimwear company that’s made for women who aren’t necessarily comfortable in “teeny tiny,” as Brittany puts it, bathing suits. This week, we chatted with Brittany about doing the work your soul calls you to do and how body positivity plays a part in all of this. Continue reading…

Meet Iris Kuo and Camille Ricketts, Creators of LedBetter


LBDid you know women only make up 4.4 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs? The stats around women in corporate leadership are discouraging, to say the least, and it can often feel like there’s little we can do as people who aren’t industry decision-makers. But in reality, some of our everyday choices can affect women’s opportunities! One of the best ways you can have your voice heard on this issue is to vote with your wallet. What better way to support women in leadership than to give your money to companies with women leaders? That’s what LedBetter wants to help you do. The women behind the incredible initiative have created a database that shows how many women leaders the world’s top companies have. This week, we chatted with Iris and Camille about feminist activism, doing the tedious work, and what’s next for LedBetter. Continue reading…

Bringing The Maryland Women to Jersey Fringe


themarylandwomenBy Amber Kusching

I started writing “The Maryland Women” four years ago when I first began to really embrace the title “feminist”. I was acting in a production of Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Monologues” at Montclair State University where I attended college. “The Vagina Monologues” is a series of scenes and monologues that explore female issues ranging from the perception of women in media, to sexual issues and abuse, to women’s health issues, and everything in between. While working on that production, I had the opportunity to collaborate with so many strong women who were passionate about telling their own personal stories. Continue reading…

Mothers, Be Good to Your Daughters, Too


olivialandBy Olivia Land

“I feel like everyone thinks I’m so fat, and that when they see me walk around with food they’re, like, judging me.”

I didn’t say these words. I overheard them in the cafeteria, standing in line to get some chocolate chip blondies, aka my favorite school dessert. It obviously broke my heart to hear that the girl in front of me felt this way, but her words send a pang up my spine for another reason, too. In truth, I often felt the same exact way she did. Whenever I treated myself to a dessert at school- or anywhere, for that matter- I would cover up my plate with a napkin, desperate to avoid what I perceived as the snickering eyes of those around me. Hearing that this other girl had similar anxieties was equal parts comforting and disturbing. Continue reading…

What Moving to NYC Means to Me


nycBy Diana Matthews

“The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.”
– Carrie Bradshaw

In the past month, I changed my life. We all did, actually. Things have been absolutely bonkers in the Dream, Girl camp.

We screened the film at the White House, hosted our sold-out premiere, booked screenings as near as Westchester, New York and as far as Auckland, New Zealand and put in place our sales team to facilitate the growth of this powerhouse movement. Continue reading…

Meet Adriana Mather, Actor and Author


adrianaAdriana Mather’s work combines two of our very favorite things: witchy vibes and subverting gender roles. She’s an actor and writer with two really awesome projects on the go right now. The first is called Honeyglue, a film that follows a woman’s relationship with someone who’s genderfluid, and the second is called How to Hang a Witch, a young adult novel set in Salem, Massachusetts, where witch trials suddenly become very relevant again. This week, we chatted with Adriana about the uncertainty of launching media projects and how feminism plays a part in all of this. Continue reading…