How to Crush Your Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarterby Erin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday

This past summer Feminist Wednesday embarked on the terrifying journey of creating a Kickstarter Campaign to fund our film “Dream, Girl.” This film is a documentary redefining what it means to be a boss by interviewing female entrepreneurs.

In the process we worked like a dog (or maybe in our case a beaver), made a TV appearance, did a monstrous amount of press (Upworthy, ELLE, Washington Post), got a celebrity endorsement, and ended up almost doubling our original goal, raising over $100,000.

I will tell you right now there is no black and white formula for beating the beast that is Kickstarter, however there are some helpful tips and tricks you should be aware of along the way. Please enjoy this list of hints to help you with your Kickstarter! Also, feel free to ask additional questions or share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Meet Takeallah from Burning Bra Birth Services


I met Takeallah about a year ago through the feminist community and have really enjoyed following her professional and personal journey as a business owner. I think the work she is doing at Burning Bra Services is much needed and extremely fascinating so I had to sit down with her and ask her more about her passion, motivation, and what she has learned along the way. Here is what I found out!

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The Beauty of Being a Working Girl

WorkingGirlEmilee Russell
Feminist Wednesday University Ambassador 

Just as some are proud of the wealth and financial success of their family, I pride myself on my family’s long history of struggle and work ethic. My grandparents on both sides were entrepreneurs and laborers who raised my parents to appreciate the value of hard work, a lesson they instilled in me from a young age. My father grew up working both for  my grandfather’s landscaping business and at a lumber mill where he spent 35 years. My mother worked several jobs to put herself through college. She worked as a construction flagger and as a waitress before getting her degree and becoming a legal secretary. We were never poor while I was growing up, but my parents never wasted money or spent it frivolously. I’ve reaped so many of the benefits of the hard work of my family that I did nothing to deserve, but I also learned and appreciate work ethic as a result of the examples they set and the lessons they taught me.

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Brown Girls Do Ballet



I love Instagram. It’s an amazing platform not only for following what is trending in our feminist community, but also to find new and inspiring women to connect with. The other day I stumbled upon Brown Girls Do Ballet and was totally hooked on their account! Their imagery and stories of beautiful ballerinas had me asking for more. So I reached out and spoke to Brittani Marie on what inspired this ballet movement and how we could support the need for diversity in dance. Read her exclusive interview below!

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Fast-Tailed Girls: The Sources of Sexual Assault Against Black Women and Bridging The Gap Between Black and White Feminists


Take2By Takeallah Rivera

As a young woman who grew up in the Bible Belt, my greatest fear was not the boogeyman. My greatest fear was being labeled a “Fast-Tailed Girl.” I listened as my grandmother and other relatives cackled and snarked at young girls in my neighborhood- girls whose hips were “too wide for her age” , whose breasts were “too big”, and girls that “swished their hips too hard when they walked.” Oftentimes, in the black community, a girl is blamed for her body type and her curves, as if she has control over her development and genes.  Big butts, big breasts, and large hips are seen as erotic to men and problematic to other women. I was forbidden to play with these girls, in fear that their “fastness” would “rub off on me” and “turn me out.” With disassociation from “The Fast-Tailed Girls” and being a smaller, super-late bloomer, I prided myself on my perceived innocence. Avoidance of the “Fast Tailed Girls” and ability to remain a Good Girl was highly revered by my family and community.

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GirlShelem Celis, 19
Syracuse University

My elementary school teacher asked the class, “I want to know what your favorite color is. Let’s go around the room and share with the class.”

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You don’t own my body (and you shouldn’t think you do)


Jeanineby Jeanine Gleaves
FW Designer
Brooklyn, NY

I can remember my first catcall, the first time I was shouted at by a car-full of boys- that’s how lasting it was on me. I was maybe 12, and I was walking home from the bus, down the busy road I lived on, carrying my books of doodles in my arms and wearing a pair of painted on jeans. A car pulled over to the side and asked me what ethnicity I was. I was perplexed, “I’m a whole bunch of things” I explained as I still do to this day: a mutt with no pure lineage left in me. “Well you sure have a fine ass pretty thing, where do you live?” I was completely shocked, and being the consistent Unsolved Mysteries watcher I was, was waiting for the moment I would have to fight to keep myself from being kidnapped. They simply laughed to each other and high fived and in my lack of answer stared at me. “So are you from here?” I thought carefully “I’m right over there” pointing at the closest house to my sight, an incorrect one, and running off to it as if I lived there, bursting through their side yard, ready to explain to the owners why I was there if need be, no one was.

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Dream, Girl’s Final Day on Kickstarter!

dreambigDear Feminists & Friends,

I truly can not express the gratitude the dream-team and I are feeling this morning. This Kickstarter has been an incredible experience, not just because we are exceeding our original goal (which we are ecstatic about) but because of all the stories, notes, and emails we have received from you about why we need to make this film happen. Our mission to empower you with stories of strong female entrepreneurs is more solidified than ever. We are so excited and can’t wait to resume production for Dream, Girl in the fall.

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Alex_Final#teambossbabe is definitely one of my favorite Instagram accounts right now. It’s hysterical, glamorous and totally unapologetic. We asked their founder, Alex a couple of Q’s about her IG status! Check out her A’s below!

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