Take Back Your Body


Observations From a Weekend In Miami

by Erin Bagwell
Brooklyn, NY

Spending a weekend in Miami beach has sent my feminist heart into a bit of a fury. To be blunt, in Miami, women’s bodies are literally everywhere. From bikini bodies without heads in the tourist shops, to thinly veiled sexual innuendo illustrations in the “naked taco” restaurant, to billboards floating above the beach pulled by prop planes. Women’s bodies are a commercial commodity that flood these sun soaked streets as the norm. Now I should preface these thoughts by saying I am a body positive feminist. I enjoy shedding the big wooly winters sweaters I have left behind in Brooklyn to frolic in light summery dresses or a midriff and jean shorts. However with all of this commercialization of the female form I have to wonder about the social and emotional implications this has on women, and particularly on our rights as women.

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The Judgement

thejudgementBy Kayla Goggans

In 2014 I moved to a new city. I moved to the radical San Francisco after having lived in New York City for three years. I was ready for a new energy and a new change of pace. I entered the city with an open mind, or so I thought, quickly realizing that my own worst enemy was myself.

I had the sickness of judging others haunt me throughout my first few weeks there. I would meet new people and quickly make grand assumptions about them, which would instantly make me dislike them. Even though I am a woman and I understand that a big battle in a woman’s life is constant judgment, I was still the one judging! Continue reading…

Eating Disorder Recovery Fueled by Feminism

francesbradshawFrances Bradshaw, 20
Pawleys Island, South Carolina

I have a recurring dream in which I am taken seriously as an artist, a creative mind, a citizen of this world, and as a woman. This is not a dream I have when I am asleep, more so one I have when I am in class, playing music, drawing a picture, taking a photograph, blogging, coming up with ideas for entrepreneurial endeavors, or debating a topic I am passionate about. Continue reading…

Thank you, Troll

Elysse Andrews elysse_troll
Colorado State University

Everyone on the Internet says it, “Don’t read the comments!” and “Don’t feed the trolls” but does anyone listen? I sure don’t. I’m not here to complain about the trolls, that’s not my goal. I’m actually here to thank my troll. Continue reading…


PivotteWhen Evelyn Frison reached to me and shared the clothing line she co-runs with her friend and business partner, Yehua Yang, called Pivotte I had to know more. Pivotte seems like a dream come true for anyone on the go who needs versatile, comfortable and gorgeous clothes. Read our interview with the founders below to learn first hand about how to build an awesome clothing line, form a partnership, and launch a Kickstarter campaign! And one you are done reading, support theirs!

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Similar, but Yet so Different.

LuizFilmmaking is a powerful media that can change the way we view the world and ourselves. Unfortunately stories about women’s media aren’t a priority in most countries. In the U.S. women are less than 16% of protagonists on film. However one young man trying to change that ratio in Sweden is Luiz Felipe Sandre, the Director of the film, “Similar, but Yet so Different”. Check out our exclusive interview with him below and support his Kickstarter Campaign! Continue reading…

“This Was a Group Effort”

On Shonda Rhimes’ Acceptance of the Sherry Lansing Award


By Jeanna Kadlec
from Bluestockings Boutique

My favorite feminist moment of 2014 came at the very end of the year in December and encapsulated a number of vital themes: the value of community, the impact of individual will, and the critical importance of understanding history and your place in it.

The moment was Shonda Rhimes’ acceptance speech of the Sherry Lansing Award at The Hollywood Reporter’s 2014 Women in Entertainment Breakfast. Rhimes’ speech, coming as it did a mere three months after The New York Times article in which TV critic Alessandra Stanely labeled her an “angry black woman,” was poised to address the intersection of her unique position as a black woman who is a writer, producer, show runner, and all around girlboss in Hollywood.

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Every Body Be Grateful


Our exclusive interview with author of Every Body Be Grateful, Venetia Pristavec.

I love the message of this book — can you tell us what inspired you to write it?

Yes, the message of this book is gratitude for the body. I was working 80+ hours a week at a startup and really hit a low point on compassion for my own body. I developed a repetitive stress injury in my hands and couldn’t type, and then in 2013 I got diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Once the thyroid came out (and it’s all good now!) I realized how strong the body was. It blew my mind. My scar healed so quickly and my body wanted to get better. Continue reading…