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SheCelyne Asnani, 18
British Columbia, Canada

This is a poem I wrote for my Feminist Action class at Simon Fraser University.  It is to reflect on the 28th principle of the Declaration of Mexico, “Women all over the world should unite to eliminate violations of human rights committed against women and girls such as: rape, prostitution, physical assault, mental cruelty, child marriage, forced marriage and marriage as a commercial transaction.”

The message I am trying to bring out through my poem is that in order to unite and fight for all women, we need to know their stories, especially the ones that no one has ever mentioned or cared about.  We can’t just rely on understanding the definition of the terms (rape, prostitution, physical assault, mental cruelty, child marriage, forced marriage and marriage as a commercial transaction) and expect to have a plan for eliminating all these violations.  To me, recognizing that all women have names and their individual stories is the key to effectively eliminate all violations of human rights committed against women and girls.  It is important that we give each and every woman her own voice to tell her own story.  Continue reading…

The Herstory of Mexican Writer, Intellectual, and Bad Ass: Sor Juana Inez De La Cruz


FWUby Chelsea Conaway
Feminist Wednesday University Ambassador

When we think about bad ass feminists, we tend to forget that the dialogue about women’s rights began very long ago. On the forefront of that fight were women who were pushing the boundaries of extreme, religiously justified patriarchy and oppression. Women like Sor Juana Inez De La Cruz.  Continue reading…

Online Shopping for Real Girls

cristinaby Cristina R
Brooklyn, NY

I’m a girl that loves to get some time in to go shopping. My closet is so full that if I buy something, I’m forced to donate clothes so my new things can fit.  My shoe collection extends to a box underneath my work desk! Since I have a pretty busy schedule, I usually purchase my clothes online. However, more often than not, the garment I was waiting for in the mail goes right back to where it came from, and there is an unfortunate reason for that.

The cute red dress that looked so good on the model looks like a totally different dress on me.

Continue reading…

Corporate Cute

Leanaby Leana Pardo

For our mid-year review my manager asked the 8 supervisors he managed to make a PowerPoint presentation that highlighted our team’s achievements. My manager was big on structured presentations that got right to the point. He wanted all the supervisors under him to make the same exact slides. He even gave us an example of a presentation we should model ours off of. Knowing my manager he usually doesn’t like any extra fluff, which he sees as extra nonsense. We were told to get straight to the point. The first slide gave us a chance to express the breakdown and objectives of the presentation. The next few slides would go into my team and their performance, how we stood compared to the rest of the teams in the department and so on. With this particular team I enjoyed highlighting their achievements, so making presentations were easy. My team was one of the top performing and producing teams at all times. Collectively we had only a 5 % error rate, the lowest scoring member on our team, who was extremely smart, had an 8% error rate. Compared to other teams we were doing great, our lowest performer would be another team’s best performer. One woman on my team even had a 0% error rate, which was close to impossible in the work we were doing.  Continue reading…

Bitches Who Brunch in NYC


Hosted by: Jillian from Feminist Dialogue
Saturday, April 26, 2014
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Brooklyn, NY

Feminism and religion have a long and tumultuous history. Can you be a feminist and keep your religion? How do we merge our feelings of faith with our activism?

Join Bitches Who Brunch as we discuss, debate, and dish out our ideas on religion and feminism in the comfort of Jillian’s home. Whether you are a new feminist or a veteran bra-burner its a great opportunity to network, share your ideas, and be a part of this growing community.

Space is extremely limited so reserve your spot on the couch here- and don’t forget to use your Beaverette discount to get 10% Off: 10OFFBWB

Knotty Gal



Nur-E Farhana Rahman, Age 26, from New Jersey. Cofounder of Knotty Gal.

What Is Knotty Gal All About?

Knotty Gal is a socially-conscious accessories business specializing in knotted, handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. My mother and I co-founded Knotty Gal as a way to raise funds for the girls at the Bhandari Girls’ School in Bogra, Bangladesh, founded by my great grandfather decades ago.

My mother and I design all of our pieces, and my mother makes them all by hand with love! A portion of all proceeds goes directly to benefit the girls at the Bhandari Girls’ School!  Continue reading…

Sweet Soubrette – Music Exclusive


Photo by: Emily Raw

New York City’s Sweet Soubrette is a ukulele-powered indie rock band with dark, poetic lyrics, songs that tell stories, and lush instrumentation. Sweet Soubrette’s edgy love songs explore troubled romance, works of literature, and the mysteries of existence, featuring the songwriting, vocals and ukulele of Ellia Bisker and a talented backing band.

In this exclusive weekly series for Feminist Wednesday, Ellia talks about some of Sweet Soubrette’s songs that take on themes relating to the modern female experience. Each song is paired with an image of Ellia by Brooklyn-based photographer Emily Raw. The two artists have been working together on various photo and video projects since 2007.  Continue reading…