10x Your New Year’s Resolution Game With Intentional Planning

10xby Bethany Nicole Smith

AKA — How to be happy and get sh*t done next year without losing your mind

We made it.

Here we are in December, looking forward to the New Year and all the promise that comes with it. This is the time of year when we get focused on our routines, and prepare to take on the new year armed with vision and a fist-full of resolutions.

And come February, most of those resolutions will have fallen by the wayside. It takes more than a New Year’s resolution to create change in our lives. It also takes willpower and intention. Continue reading…

Life is A Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Make It Stop

LivingNightmareThe  reproductive rights non-profit organization Lady Parts Justice (LPJ) presents, “Life is A Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Make It Stop” on Thursday, February 1st.

The two hour hell-raising comedy extravaganza will be live streamed from an undisclosed location in Hollywood that LPJ refers to as The Feminist Sleeper Cell and will entertain while raise awareness about the current assault on reproductive rights. All proceeds will benefit LPJ.  Continue reading…

A Few Career Paths Most Likely to Amount to Equal Pay

EqualPayv4by Kate Harveston

Trying to get your career started is a difficult thing to do in today’s economy to begin with. Sometimes you have to take whatever job you can get, and while it’s never fun to work a job that doesn’t have anything to do with your passions or dreams, it’s even worse to be underpaid for it.

This is, unfortunately, still the reality for many women in modern society. Discussion about the gender pay gap has gone on for what feels like forever, and while it has improved, we still have a long way to go.

Knowing all of this, I managed to compile a list of career paths, all from fairly different fields and probably tailorable to someone’s specific passions, that are doing a better job than most at bridging the pay gap. These are some of the more lucrative career paths for women who would like to avoid the pay gap, or maybe even get paid more than some of their male counterparts. Check out the pay differences for each job. Continue reading…

It’s Time to Do Away With Antiquated School Uniform Biases

UniformBiasesv1by Kelsey Morgan

For many boys and girls attending any kind of public, private, or other type of schooling in their early years, designated uniforms were required. Whether that included slacks, skirts, blazers, ties, and so on, depended on the preferences of individual institutions, but across all parties, there seems to be a certain attitude toward young girls and the things they’re allowed to wear.

Sometimes a school doesn’t even have a specific uniform for their students to abide by, but instead, seemingly arbitrary “rules” for what’s appropriate and what’s not — and most of these rules seem to only apply to what girls are allowed to put on their bodies, as their male counterparts would never experience the same “issues” that they do. Continue reading…

Who Has a Right to Reproduce? The Gap Between Fertile and Infertile Women

ElaineReillyv2by Elaine Reilly

Many feminist critiques of the income gap between the rich and the poor can and have been made, but here’s one that isn’t being talked about nearly enough: the costs associated with having children have created a reproductive gap between rich and poor along the lines of fertility.

A lot has been said about the disparity between rich and poor women when it comes to access to reproductive medicine and assistance. It’s an unfortunate truth that the women who most need medical assistance have the hardest time getting it. In the United States, women without insurance aren’t able to see a doctor regularly throughout pregnancy. Complications aren’t caught until delivery, if they can afford medical assistance even then. Abroad, lack of access to medical care has caused complications that are routine in Western medicine such as fistulas to run amok. Continue reading…

Writing and Madness in a Time of Terror: a memoir (book excerpt)

WritingandMadnessby Afarin Majidi

It was October 2012 when the Homeland Security agent showed up on my porch with a team of policemen. The agent was gentle as he came closer, wearing a hesitant smile and holding out an official badge, but my heart immediately began racing.

I’d been smoking bong hits under a makeshift tent made of an umbrella I’d shrouded in a rainbow of yoga scarves that hung around me in the dilapidated school chair I’d found in the trash. During an oppressively hot summer, I refused to go inside and turn on the air conditioner because the vents were filling the house with a deadly gas no one but I could smell. Instead, I communed with the hummingbirds that hovered close because they carried messages from my dead half-sister, Nasrin. Continue reading…

If you… (a poem)

IrisMv1by Iris, age 13

This poem is inspired by the names that some boys call girls in my school. It feels like no matter what you do, you have done something wrong. We need to ignore these comments as they are not true and do what we think is right for us personally. Continue reading…

Michelle Wolf Is a Nice Lady With a Big Naughty List

MichelleWolfby Kelly Shepherd

2017 was an interesting year for comedy. In a genre where social issues are satirized, 2017 brought forth a new landscape of political motivation, moving stand up comedy out of disengagement and into a co-pilot seat for news media.

If comedy ever had a moment to tip its hat to an individual who brought it back from irelevancy, it would be the Nice Lady Tour brought to you by comedian, writer, and feminist, Michelle Wolf. I am a fangirl, so allow me to get something off my chest: I believe, in my core and heart, that Michelle Wolf is the greatest female comedian of all time. Continue reading…