My Feminists: Aretha Franklin


mf-arethaBy Jeri Asaro

I‘m living my 60th year of life. Sounds so old to me (and probably to you too!), but I still feel vibrant, delighted to be alive, and energetic about what great things are right around the corner. Through my years, I’ve lived through and grown with the second wave (’60s to the ’90s) and third wave (mid-90s forward) of feminism. Some believe we’re in the fourth wave now, and I’m still growing with the movement even as I write about feminism here. With its ins and outs, feminism is woven into the texture of who I am as a person. I’ve been heavily influenced by some prominent women along the way, maybe not all known so obviously for their views on feminism, but whose ideas, more importantly, brought out the feminist in me. For that, I am forever grateful. Continue reading…

Dream, Girl Mother’s Day Shopping for a Cause


dg23Get your Mother’s Day shopping complete while supporting two incredible women-founded organizations: (our very own) Dream, Girl, and I Am That Girl – an organization that works with girls to turn self-doubt into self-empowerment.

SHOP HERE and 10% of the total sales will be donated to I Am That Girl in Dream, Girl’s honor. Also, help Chloe + Isabel by Kate Thomas reach their goal of donating to the Dream, Girl 5, to help make Dream, Girl a reality. Continue reading…

Meet Molly Logan, Co-Founder of School of Doodle


schoolofdoodle2Teenage girls are wells of creativity. From music to media to fashion and makeup, they’re truly the meter by which the rest of the world measures what’s cool and what’s not. But somehow, we also don’t tend to take teenage girls seriously enough to give them the credit they deserve. That’s why Molly Logan created School of Doodle, an online platform that launched last week where girls can go to get inspiration (via writing and art prompts), connect with like-minded ladies, and publish their creative work. With an impressive list of backers that includes Arianna Huffington, Jemima Kirke and Yoko Ono – plus 250 artist and organization members already – School of Doodle is a serious force to be reckoned with. This week, we had a chance to chat with Molly about the power of creativity and feminism. Continue reading…

Meet Tara Kinden, Creator of Soul Flow


soulflow2At Feminist Wednesday, we know the power of women’s stories. It’s what we’re built on and fueled by. Tara Kinden knows it too. She’s the creator of a project called the Soul Flow – she raised $10,000 on Kickstarter to travel across Canada, meeting inspiring and courageous women and telling their stories to the world. Doesn’t that just sound like a dream project? This week, we chatted with Tara about feminism, courage, and the lessons she’s learned so far. Continue reading…

On Our Radar: “Redwood”


redwoodWhat if you could see your grandmother’s entire life through her own eyes? Redwood is a new feature length film by artist Molly Lowe that explores just that: It follows the story of a woman who receives a ‘memory transplant’ from her grandmother. Being a sculptor and painter, Molly built (literally) out the story using masks, “depicting the physical transformation one woman aging, from adolescence to obsolescence.” The trailer is wonderfully, artistically strange. Continue reading…

I Don’t Want Kids, but I’ll Keep Fighting for Parental Leave


parentalleaveBy Whitney Kippes

There is nothing that makes me more irritated or angry than this country’s insistence on pretending that workers are somehow separate and distinct from parents.

When it comes to people we know personally, we are a relatively generous. For better or worse, we treat expecting mothers as people warranting full community involvement. We offer up welcome seats and (sometimes unwelcome) advice like it’s going out of style. Continue reading…

Meet Kate Thomas, Merchandiser at Chloe + Isabel


C+I.3Women are awesome– for many reasons, but the warmest and fuzziest being that we’ve got each other’s backs. That’s why when women start companies or are involved in high-level decision making, charitable giving increases, statistically. Kate Thomas, a merchandiser for jewelry company Chloe + Isabel is a great example. Through the company, Kate has had women’s backs by giving portions of her revenue to causes that empower women. And in her latest initiative, she’s got our backs, too. Read through this interview with Kate to find out how she’s supporting Feminist Wednesday’s sister production, Dream, Girl and another really great organization at the same time! Continue reading…

Meet Betsy Gomez, Creator of She Changed Comics


scc17Did you know there’s an entire organization devoted to defending comic book creators’ free speech rights? We definitely didn’t, but when we found out that they’re working on a book about the contributions women have made to the world of comics, we were more than on board. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is raising money on Kickstarter (see below for details on how to support!) to publish She Changed Comics, a book that dives into the ways women have, well, changed comics. We’re so excited for it, and this week, we chatted with the Fund’s editorial director, Betsy Gomez to learn more. Continue reading…