You Go Girl

yougoGIRLBy Kayla Goggans

In all honesty, I think, Hillary Clinton, or Hillary Rodham Clinton, is beyond trying to be the first female president. A female president, in this day and age, should no longer be a shock for our country. What would be refreshing is a president with a focus on women’s rights. Although women are still a minority in the political realm.

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Dear Kate Has Us Talking About Our Periods

“There’s no right or wrong way to feel about your period. The important thing is that we start talking about it and create a new cultural standard that legitimatizes the experience of having a period.”

Our friends at Dear Kate, founded by Julie Sygiel, have undoubtably begun to change the way we talk about our periods with their short film, “First Time” directed by Mary Harron. Twenty women were asked to share their first time, and the results are shameless. Watch for yourself, and join the conversation with #FirstTimeFilm! 

Support Your Sisters: Fight for Reproductive Justice

Bowling1by Amanda

It was 2005 while in high school that I decided which “side” I was on in the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate that permeated into our social studies and civics units. In my Doc Martens and Nautica hoodies, suffice it to say there was little surprise to my friends and family when I labeled myself as pro-choice. But in the ten years since, my appreciation of – my capacity for – understanding this “debate” has deepened and shifted in a way that mirrors (or, more likely, has been informed by) the contemporary and progressive dialogue surrounding the topic of abortions. Today, it’s more than just a debate; it’s a national issue of economic and reproductive justice.

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The Importance of International Women’s Day

intlwmnsdayBy Kayla Goggans 

I didn’t find out that women had a day each year until around 6th grade. My Dad and I were driving to the grocery store. He always had NPR on. He asked if I knew what day it was.

March 7th I told him.

“It’s International Women’s Day!”
he exclaimed. 

I didn’t understand or maybe didn’t care. He told me that all day he listened to these incredible stories about women on NPR. They were having marches and festivals all over the world. I remember wondering why it was such a quiet holiday in the U.S. Or maybe this was just a prank, there was no holiday.   Continue reading…

Take Back Your Body


Observations From a Weekend In Miami

by Erin Bagwell
Brooklyn, NY

Spending a weekend in Miami beach has sent my feminist heart into a bit of a fury. To be blunt, in Miami, women’s bodies are literally everywhere. From bikini bodies without heads in the tourist shops, to thinly veiled sexual innuendo illustrations in the “naked taco” restaurant, to billboards floating above the beach pulled by prop planes. Women’s bodies are a commercial commodity that flood these sun soaked streets as the norm. Now I should preface these thoughts by saying I am a body positive feminist. I enjoy shedding the big wooly winters sweaters I have left behind in Brooklyn to frolic in light summery dresses or a midriff and jean shorts. However with all of this commercialization of the female form I have to wonder about the social and emotional implications this has on women, and particularly on our rights as women.

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The Judgement

thejudgementBy Kayla Goggans

In 2014 I moved to a new city. I moved to the radical San Francisco after having lived in New York City for three years. I was ready for a new energy and a new change of pace. I entered the city with an open mind, or so I thought, quickly realizing that my own worst enemy was myself.

I had the sickness of judging others haunt me throughout my first few weeks there. I would meet new people and quickly make grand assumptions about them, which would instantly make me dislike them. Even though I am a woman and I understand that a big battle in a woman’s life is constant judgment, I was still the one judging! Continue reading…