Covet + Bestow Spotlight on Feminist Wednesday

Covet1“As I started Covet+Bestow a few months back, I love to hear and see other women taking the lead in their lives to start something new, something empowering, something that changes how we think and what we do. Erin Bagwell, Founder of Feminist Wednesday and Executive Producer of the documentary about female CEOs “Dream, Girl” is among those game-changers.”

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Dream, Girl Kickstarter Countdown!


You’re Invited!

Feminist Wednesday is so excited to announce the official kickstarter launch date for Dream, Girl- the documentary film redefining what it means to be a boss by interviewing female entrepreneurs.

The Kickstarter launch will be August 6th, 2014 and if you live in the New York City area you are invited to our official launch party where we will have the opportunity to see a screening the trailer, celebrating the start of our journey, and networking with entrepreneurial women in the startup community. The details are coming soon so make sure you RSVP on our eventbright page. Can’t make it for the launch party? Like our Dream, Girl facebook page for all the latest details on the trailer!

Also, if you run a blog and would like an exclusive interview with our Director/Feminist Wednesday Founder, Erin Bagwell, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thanks so much for all your support!


Women Supporting Women: The Goddess Project


The Goddess Project is a feature length documentary made by two girls who traveled 10,00 miles across America interviewing incredible everyday women about their paths to self discovery.  

We interviewed Holli & Sara about their journey and experience so far- and you can help complete their film by donating to their kickstarter campaign today!

Can you give us a brief summary of The Goddess Project?

The Goddess Project is a documentary film about being a woman, overcoming your fears, and living the life of your dreams! In the summer of 2012, we packed our lives into a vegetable oil-powered school bus and traveled from coast to coast interviewing extraordinary women about their paths to self-discovery. Throughout our six-month and 10,000 mile journey, we met women from all walks of life who bravely volunteered to bare their souls in front of our lens. We interviewed artists, mothers, healers, businesswomen and scholars about the life-changing experiences that shaped them to become who they are today. From the perspectives of over 100 women across America, this feature length film explores the process of finding and harnessing your own power.

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Meet Crafty Contraceptives


Photo by Jill Greenberg

Chelsea Wagner
Founder, Crafty Contraceptives

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I’m a visual artist and designer with a penchant for sarcasm and one-liner jokes.  A lot of my work has a tongue-in-cheekness to it.  I have some roots in activism and what I quickly realized when I first entered that world was that no one likes to be told what they should or shouldn’t be doing.  So I started incorporating things I care about into my art work as well as a focus on whimsy and play.  I really like to get people to drop their guard and get silly.  I think that’s the best way to start a conversation about something serious.

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Feminism Changed My Life

14896582828866.S0DgDz5FnscCwupnYYLE_height640Erin Carhart

It was 11 a.m. on a Monday morning in 2008, when I sat in my 11th grade classroom listening to my teacher lecture about the final unit of our English class. I remember this day so vividly because this day would change my life forever. I sat in the front row of the classroom in my black leather jacket and high top converse wishing the bell would ring so I could hurry to the art room and finish my latest painting. It was 11 a.m. on a Monday morning in 2008, and no different than any other high school English classroom until my teacher mentioned the final unit would be feminism. She began to tell us what we would be exploring and the texts that we’d be using throughout the next five weeks. She said that she’d like to open the conversation up to the classroom, and as usual my male classmates raised their hands and spoke before any of their counterparts were able to chime in. After a few people spoke, it wasn’t until one particular male classmate of mine began speaking and said, “Well, aren’t women supposed to get married and have kids? Isn’t that their job?” I turned around so quickly in my chair, staring directly into his eyes, and said “No.” Although this moment was very simple, it was one of my very first click moments. This moment in which I refused to allow the voice of privilege speak to my experience as a woman. It didn’t occur to me until later on that this moment would define the rest of my life.

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Dear OkCupid Guy: Chin up


janeJane Chung

Co-founder of Klooff

One morning I received a message from guy from OkCupid:


Currently driving across the country looking for a place to put my roots down and looking for work. I’ve driven 6000 miles so far.

I’m looking for some specific qualities:
#1: Social boundaries with members of the opposite sex
#2: Religious integrity

#3: Attraction and compatibility

Anyway…You fulfill these qualities.

You seem intelligent and I love that. Would like to meet? I would. My only reservation I think is, “is she going to put a lot of pressure on me?” and I don’t do well with a lot of pressure. I put a lot of pressure on myself. My efforts are often internal and I don’t tolerate someone ‘cracking the whip’ with me… that is to say I have a low tolerance for manipulation…

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Happy 1st Birthday Feminist Wednesday & Betty the Beaver!



Feminist Wednesday is 1 YEAR OLD! We have been honored and humbled to share with you empowering content to inspire your inner bad ass bitch! Read about how Feminist Wednesday has had an impact in the feminist community according to our loyal beaverettes and team members:

Chelsea Conaway:

Being a part of Feminist Wednesday has been an amazing an opportunity and experience for me. There are not many feminists in the South and although feminism made me feel excited and empowered, that feeling was often one I experienced alone. Becoming a part of Feminist Wednesday connected me with some really amazing women who share my passion for empowering women. It has given me a sense of sisterhood and the awesome feeling that we are all in this together. Thanks to Feminist Wednesday, I now know some awesome women from all across the United States to whom the fight for equality matters. Reading their stories and what the struggles they have faced as women has given me the feeling that fighting for equality and women’s empowerment really does matter. Thank you Feminist Wednesday, for giving me the opportunity to do what I love (write and edit), and for giving me an outlet to talk about things that matter. Happy birthday Feminist Wednesday!

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Stop Rape Culture

14602798720927.SA3HChMTSb2z40I3lIbp_height640by Sean Pacheco

I was always the one who cringed at the words, ‘pussy’ and ‘faggot.’ I always hated those words and words alike, but I never grasped the concepts of those words exactly.

I did not claim I was a feminist for a long time. I did not even realize the implications that these societal mannerisms produced.

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