Women Don’t Have Equal Rights: A Brief History of the ERA and Anti-Feminist Movement in the United States


equalBy Taylor Ciambra

With the presidential debates in full swing and an election nearly upon us, this autumn is filled with anticipation, uncertainty and hope. But there’s a bit of unfinished business haunting feminists these days, The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Originally proposed in 1923 to ensure that equal treatment of the sexes was constitutional, the ERA has still not passed. Continue reading…

Trumped-Up Trickle-Down Sexual Harassment


tutdBy Erin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday & Director of Dream, Girl

The last job I worked at before I started my own company was horrible. It was an aging company struggling to survive in a digital world. And it was sinking fast. We had two CEOs in the sixteen months I was there, and the toxic corporate culture that permeated throughout the office was both appalling and exhausting. Continue reading…



cluelessBy Olivia Land

I like to plan. When I lie in bed at night, I list my to-dos for the upcoming day the way other people count sheep. I keep obsessive track of every assignment, sports game, and appointment in my planner. I look forward to Sunday nights as “planning time,” when I take stock of the week ahead and envision how each day with go. My internal monologue this past week, for example, went something like this: “Get to school, go to class, email so-and-so, go to practice, finish paper…” and so on. Some people might feel bogged down by this hyper-organization, but for me it’s the opposite. Weirdly enough, the rigidity helps me feel liberated. Continue reading…

Feminist Wednesday Asked: How can men contribute meaningfully to feminism?


fwaskedby Rich

I’m no expert. All I can do is share what I do. I’m the husband of one and the father of two, adventure motorcyclist, band(s) member, business owner, and a cross dresser. My role in feminism is that of student. There are some feminist heroes in my world whom I look to (especially their posts in social media) that help make me more aware of their triumphs and struggles in a nation dominated by people who look an awful lot like me. Continue reading…

Meet Angela López Lavado and Giuliana Huaman, Producers of Empoderatec


empoderatecYou all know the Dream, Girl story by now. But did you know there’s been a very similar story unfolding in Peru? Angela López Lavado and Giuliana Huaman had each been meeting a lot of badass female entrepreneurs in the course of their careers, so they decided to come together and create Empoderatec, a documentary about female entrepreneurs in Peru’s tech space- with an all-female crew, no less. This week, we chatted with Angela and Giuliana about entrepreneurship in Peru and how women can crush it in that space. Continue reading…

Slaying the Minotaur


ireneBy Irene Archos

Twenty five years ago I found myself on a secluded Cycladic island famous for a shrine to the Virgin Mary where many pilgrims would come crawling almost a quarter mile from the port on hands and knees to have their prayers heard.  A fresh young thing out of college and 20, I had landed a job as an English instructor by chance while sharing a taxi in Athens with the owner of the language school desperate to hire a native speaker to save his business and its reputation.  The teacher he had hired, a native Greek, wanted to sabotage any success the students had of passing their English exams as a ploy to drive his boss out of business and then open his own school.  I took the job not because I needed it; I had been teaching already as an adjunct for an American University in Athens.  I took the job to escape the Minotaur.  Continue reading…