Feminist Wednesday on Holiday

WinterBreak3Greetings feministas!

This winter we are taking a little holiday break to enjoy snuggling up by the fire, stockpiling new feminist stories, binge watching episodes of The Good Wife, Empire, and Jessica Jones (in no particular order), and waiting until the lake thaws so we can leave our dam (ok, maybe just for Betty). Continue reading…

Meet Noël Fiorentinos of Work It Out


Thaddeus Rombauer Photography http://www.thaddeusrombauer.com/

Happy Feminist Wednesday!

This we chatted with kick-ass entrepreneur Noël Fiorentinos, the CEO of Work it Out Fitness Studios. I met Noël about four years ago and was immediately struck by Noël’s passion for the fitness game. She is a woman who exudes the confidence and clarity only a #GIRLBOSS on a mission can have. Two summers ago when we launched the Dream, Girl kickstarter Noël organized and opened up the WiO studio to the #dreamteam to film a group of charismatic young gymnasts to be in our Kickstarter video. Her passion for women and supporting their dreams is palpable in her interview. Read more about what inspired Noël to join the fitness industry and how feminism shaped its growth below. Continue reading…

In the Midst of This Darkness

but the world has a way of sending you flowers when you're convinced there's not enough sunlight to grow them.

but the world has a way of sending you flowers when you're convinced there's not enough sunlight to grow them.by Alicia Napierkowski
Editor in Chief

I originally wrote this piece for my personal blog, Sunlight & Insight. Since my Dad had been diagnosed with cancer two years ago, I’ve turned to writing to not only help myself cope with the unexpected but also for others who can relate. This is for you.

Sometimes I get so caught up in finding the right words that I build a dam instead of letting them flow through me. Often, I forget writing is one thing I don’t have to try to control.

“You can be a bright thing in the midst of this darkness,” Hannah Brencher wrote to me in an email. I’ve obsessively replayed those words in my head and reflected on them the last two weeks. Perfectly timed and stated, they were the words I needed to hear, that I didn’t know I needed to hear. I befriended somebody my soul really needed. My footing has become a little stronger because of it. Continue reading…

How to Sell Your Soul


ErinsStory2An Artist’s Guide to Self-Promotion
by Erin Bagwell

Recently I started putting together a new website for myself to accumulate all the articles and press that I have gotten over the last year as a result of launching Dream, Girl. And I was scrolling through the websites we have been featured on I was in a bit of shock: “Holy mother, we have gotten A LOT OF PRESS for a movie that hasn’t been made yet.” Every time a new press piece goes live it’s amazing, but to see it all on one page was bonkers. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought the initial stepping stones that got us here would be beneficial to other creatives, artists, and women who might have trouble selling themselves. Continue reading…

Warrior Princess

I’ll be ready to conquer the world in a way that only a confident, battle-worn girl like myself could ever be ready. I’ll be a warrior princess.

I’ll be ready to conquer the world in a way that only a confident, battle-worn girl like myself could ever be ready. I’ll be a warrior princess.-2By Summer McSpirit-Flanagan

I always thought that the first time I’d come home from college, it would be for Thanksgiving. I had this vision of arriving on my front steps after three months from home, eager to tell my parents about how well my classes were going, to explain to my grandfather how amazing it was to see the Scarlet Knights play football every Saturday, and to whisper to my brother at the table about how great the parties were. I’d be healthy and fit from working out at the gym each morning, I’d have a band of friends who understood me better than any high school friend ever could, and I’d be ready to conquer the world in the way that only a confident, college-age girl like myself could be ready. I’d be a warrior princess.

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Dear Kate’s All Red Everything Birthday Bash


allredfull01resizedDear Kate is throwing a bash called All Red Everything to celebrate their birthday on Thursday, Nov 12th! There will be lots of red wine + red cocktails, delicious red velvet snacks, music from DJ Elle Dee, free red manicures, PLUS if you buy a pair of Dear Kate underwear they’ll have a seamstress on hand to customize them with bows and ruffles or whatever your creative DIY heart desires. 

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An Interview with Galit Romanelli of (M)other Milk

It has been exceptionally rewarding when women-2

It has been exceptionally rewarding when women-2Introduce yourself to our audience! Who are you, and what do you do?

Hello, fellow Feminist Wednesday’ers! My name is Galit Romanelli and aside from working full time, I have two wonderfully spirited children who introduced me to the strengths of motherhood and the wonders of parenthood. When my first was born, I found myself trying to breastfeed him at nearly all costs. When he wasn’t gaining any weight, I couldn’t help feeling that I wasn’t an adequate mother.

Could I not even feed my own baby? Continue reading…