Bad Bitches Are Taking Over The World

FW_BadBitches2Erin Bagwell, Brooklyn NY
Founder of Feminist Wednesday

I have wanted to be a boss since before I can remember. I have always dreamed about owning my own company and building an empire. I like to be in charge, I am decisive and I am wickedly organized.

When I graduated college I started my first company pretty soon after called Lady Bird Productions. Built off a Youtube channel and some film festivals, I freelanced for about a year before I decided I wanted to take the next step in my career and work towards something bigger. I moved to New York City to ultimately be a filmmaker. My dream was to create something impactful and meaningful and my first job in the city was at a production company.

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Happy Feminist Wednesday!


What are you doing to celebrate the holiday?

Here are our three picks for empowerment this week:

1. Dream, Girl- Feminist Wednesday Film’s new project highlighting female entrepreneurs!

2. Female Tech Titans Model Lingerie While Coding- Read about why some people think showing ladies in their undies is controversial (oh, my!) and why feminist Founder Julie thinks you should be judged by your brilliance not your bralettte. BONUS: #notcontroversial insta love from Erin

3. #MeasureMeBeauitful from our friends at SmartGlamour! – Beauty comes in all sizes, join the instagram movement to show off your measurements and embrace the body positive vibes

My Struggle with Religion as a Feminist

FW_ReligionEmilee Russell
Feminist Wednesday University Ambassador 

I began to discover feminism at a time in my life when I was making all kinds of other discoveries, a time when I was suddenly given a lot of freedom and began to question some things that I’d always taken for granted. I began to identify as a feminist sometime around my junior year of high school. It was only after I looked past the weird connotations that society has taught us to associate with feminists, such as hating men and the masculine types who don’t shave stereotype. When I realized that the preconceived nonsense associated with the feminist movement was ridiculous (not to mention a prime example of how patriarchy can skew popular opinion), I began to discover that I saw the concepts that feminists were taking issue with in my own life. When I took the time to actually examine my everyday interactions and the way I was treated, I couldn’t help but notice just how prevalent gender roles were and how ingrained into society sexism is.

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The “F-WORD”


15743579096873.LEIhvZp5o5hhDv8KwOYf_height640Antoinette “Toni” Gingerelli

“I am not a Feminist,” I would say to my classmates throughout high school.  In my early teen years, I had grown to believe that being a feminist was a terrible thing.  I was passionate about gender equality and quite outspoken about it amongst my peers.  From my first freshman research assignment on the women’s suffrage movement in the United States to my speech from the perspective of Alice Paul in 1918, many of my academic endeavors involved women’s rights.  My choice of readings in my spare time were about the issues societal gender roles play, young girls growing up, human trafficking, or women’s leadership.  Everything I chose to study in my life was looked at from a gendered lens. “You are such a feminist,” my friends would say.  The “F-word” had such a negative connotation to it, and I refused to identify with such a word.

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Feminism as a Lifestyle

darraghDarragh Dandurand, 22

As a kid I remember being acutely aware of gender relations and issues of inequality between women and men. I constantly asked questions about why it seemed that the self-confidence of most women was directly linked to the amount of makeup they were wearing and why men could urinate outside and walk around shirtless. I wanted to know why my brilliant LEGO creations were not as impressive as the curtsey I was trained to perform when I greeted my older relatives. And I desperately wanted to find out which of my cultural foremothers was just so terrible that when boys were called out for “acting like a girl” it was figuratively the worst thing that could ever happen to them.

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Mental Health & Dealing with Depression

Perfect1Erin Bagwell, 27
Brooklyn, NY

Although I have always been a relatively happy person, I tumbled into depression my senior year of high school. At the time I wasn’t exactly sure what was wrong, but in retrospect I’ve begun to understand. I was scared of going to college, scared because I didn’t know what I was doing, scared of having to live up to myself. And just generally lost. The worst part of this experience was the shame and the guilt I felt for being depressed. I chose to hide it from my family and my closest friends. It was a nightmare to just manage the pain I felt, but then to have to hide it felt even more overwhelming.

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August Writing Topic: Take a Risk

augFeminism is a unique perspective to view the world around you and yourself through a new lens. It allows you to dissect and understand the structure of society so you can formulate your own ideas, thoughts and opinions, and make your own decisions about how you want to act, think, or dress.

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The Introverted Feminist

maggie1Maggie Kerry
Feminist Wednesday Social Media Team

I am shy.  I am quiet.  I am incredibly sensitive.  I am an introvert.

These are the four traits that I love about myself, I wouldn’t be the gal that I am without them.  There are times (a lot of times) that I forget that though.  These traits often make it hard to find my place in the world as a feminist.

I spend a lot of time in my bedroom.  It is the place where I feel my most confident being a feminist- it is like my little feminist castle and I am the queen.  I am surrounded by my cabinet of curiosities, my comforts, my cats, my wardrobe, my thoughts, my ideas, and the sounds of Jenny Lewis crooning from my laptop.  My exceptionally handsome boyfriend occasionally spends the night.

I often feel lonely though, not that lonely in general type of feeling, but the feeling of loneliness as an introverted feminist.   

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Feminist Wednesday Founder Erin Wears Betty the Beaver Pin on FOX News

BettyLast Wednesday to launch the Dream, Girl Kickstarter campaign I was invited to be part of Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton. I have never been on national TV, let alone LIVE TV so it was quite an experience. I had a really awesome time and it is great to have women like Deirdre on your side who care about showcasing and sharing women’s stories. Click here to watch the interview!

The Betty the Beaver pin was made by our own copywriter, Feminist Wednesday University Ambassador, and cat enthusiast Chelsea Conaway!