When Beyonce Gives You Lemons


beyonceBy Diana Matthews

Here I am in Nashville. I’m sitting at my best friend’s kitchen table licking the icing off her birthday cupcakes (the chocolate cake is stale now but the Swiss merengue buttercream is to die for). It’s Thursday, the night Beyonce was supposed to play in Music City. However, six days ago, she postponed her show and rescheduled for October. Continue reading…

My Feminists: Marlo Thomas


marlothomasBy Jeri Asaro

And the theme song announced “She’s tinsel on a tree. She’s everything that every girl should be. That Girl!”

Actress, and philanthropist, Marlo Thomas, starred as That Girl on ABC from 1966 until 1971. In 1971, I was a young and impressionable high school freshman, and I was finally allowed to have control over our television set on Tuesday evening from 9:00 to 9:30 P.M. We only had one small television in our home (a small screen; HUGE wooden box around it), and at that time, there were only five television stations and PBS. Normally at night, my hard-working father had the control, and I was sent off to bed. Continue reading…

Meet Parisa Wang, Creator of the Love Affair Handbag Collection


laWe talk a lot about women supporting women around here, and it’s because it’s pretty much impossible to understate the power of female friendship. And no one knows that better than Parisa Wang. She’s the founder of Love Affair handbags, a line that celebrates the bond between women with a goal to “celebrate love, independence and growth.” This week, we chatted with Parisa about the origin story of her handbag line and why it’s important to her to uplift and empower women. Continue reading…

Meet Sydney Stoudmire, Executive Director of Woman Made

womanmadeUpsetting statistic time: Women make up 51% of visual artists but only 28% of gallery solo exhibitions. Ugh. And we’re willing to bet that disconnect has nothing to do with a talent gap and everything to do with a gap in which artists the industry chooses to validate. There’s a reason you only ever learned about men in your high school art history class and that reason is called patriarchy. Fortunately, some badass women have decided to no longer accept male artists as the baseline of good art, and are carving out space specifically for women’s work. Sydney Stoudmire is one of them. She’s the executive director of Woman Made, a gallery in Chicago that supports the work of female-identified artists. This week, we chatted with Sydney about why a space like Woman Made is so needed in the art world and why she’s “ruffling a few feathers”. Continue reading…

Bring Extra Pants


TAYLORBy Taylor Ciambra
Curled up, soaking wet in the corner of a shelter in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, was a woman having a miserable time. Her male hiking partner, stood outside the shelter, under the awning talking with some other male hikers. My hiking partner, Mamie, offered this newcomer a dry pair of pants.

On the Appalachian Trail, you don’t see a lot of women. At a gathering of about thirty, I think there were ten of us. A record in my experience so far. Most days on the trail, I don’t see another woman besides Mamie, and when we get into camp, we’ll only see between one and three other women. There’s usually around ten guys. Continue reading…

Happy Birthday, Erin!!


ERINBDAYAs our readers know, Erin is a forcefield of a woman. Her energy is limitless, and her ability to bring people together is inspiring. Particularly, really powerful, driven and insanely empowering women (and men) together. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Erin’s mystical ability to be a tremendous friend, fearless leader, and a ladypreneur for the ages– all while starting a revolution for feminists everywhere while keeping true to herself. Erin is the definition of a BOSS bitch, and we can’t resist a good #WCW in her honor: Continue reading…