The Girl Gang Missives: Vol. 32


GGMBy Nicole Belanger
The Girl Gang Missives is a weekly report on the badass things that women are making/creating/building/writing.

This week, the women are browsing IUDs, lovingly spamming you with pictures of Channing Tatum, and trying to bring death out of the shadows.

  1. An Indigenous perspective on applying to law school: Very Accomplished Lady Caitlin Tolley published this great tip sheet for Indigenous youth interested in applying to law school. Check it out and pass it around!
  2. Painted love letters to the ladies of Atlanta: I feel like I maybe need to hire Lynne Tanzer to create beautiful portraits of the women that I featured in the Girl Gang Missives. I mean just look at these lovely illustrations she made of women from her community that inspire her.
  3. For the IUD curious: This week in The Cut, health editor Susan Rinkunas published this helpful run-down of 5 types of IUDs available on the market, and who they are best suited for.
  4. Taking Advent to a whole new level: Last year, Jodie Layne debuted her alternative advent calendar, which treated participants to a new picture of Mark Ruffalo every day of the month. This year, since Ruffalo is being shitty, he’s out and Channing Tatum is in. Subscribe, kids!  
  5. This week in Kickstarters: One of the most inspiring and dedicated entrepreneurs I know is raising funds for a new round of production for her leather handbags that empower Indigenous women, and some other cool women are crowdfunding a vibrator that’s supposed to feel like you’re using nothing at all.
  6. Meet the women behind the Death Positivity Movement: Obviously this article was published on Halloween.  
  7. #WeBuiltThis: From the minds, hearts, and labor of people like Cherrell Brown comes #WeBuiltThis,”a partner coalition campaign, by and for black millennials, elevating the impact of black youth who are building local community power, championing voting rights and combatting state violence now and beyond the election.” On their website, you can sign the pledge, learn more about voting, or join their Thunderclap (deadline: Nov 7th).
  8. Something giggle-worthy for the road:More cereals” should never be your response.

Now, over to you…

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NicoleBelangerPhotoNicole Belanger is the founder of Fourth Hour, a collection of original content that celebrates and supports everyday women in their daily lives. She is the author of the ebook On Resilience, the creator of the Conversations With Her interview series and the send-er of the Girl Gang Missives every Friday morning.

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