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Let’s Talk Politics. 

aprilWith all the buzz surrounding the upcoming election, we can’t help but check in with our position on politics. How do your political views stack up with your feminism? How have your experiences influenced your perspectives on potential candidates and current issues? What kind of changes do you think we need in our political system?

Have you worked in a political institution and have a story to tell? Have you led your own political or justice movement on campus, in your city, or at work? Have you boldly stated your views at the dinner table, or have you been waiting to let it all out to someone who understands?

Anything from abortion, climate change, and equal pay, to freedom, and religion… We want to hear your personal and political story. What’s your stance?

Share your story with us!

Email your 1-2 page google doc to Alicia at with a title, and your photo and we will publish your article on the blog & social media channels!

Deadline: April 30th

Viva La Beaver!