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Feminist Wednesday is a storytelling blog based on your stories! You are the expert and your thoughts and perspective matter to us! We love to hearing about the inspiring things you are up to, how you became a feminist, and who is empowering you today!

Take a look at our writing ideas but feel free to break the rules and write from your heart! Also, make sure you check out our monthly writing topics for fresh feminist themes!

Your Feminist Moment of Enlightenment: 
Tell us about your feminist ‘coming out’ or the moment you first realized and embraced the word feminist.

Bad Ass Bitch of the Week: 
Do you have a friend, family member or spouse that needs to be recognized for her awesome work as a business owner, feminist, or just generally empowering energy? Tell us about her and she could be Feminist Wednesday’s Bad Ass Bitch of the Week!

Women in Business, Arts, or Music Spotlight:
Are you an awesome lady we should know about! Send a short bio over with a link to your website and we will send over some questions for an interview Feminist Wednesday style!

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