Feminist Flashback

feministflashbackIn 1960 Enovid, the first birth-control pill, went on the market.  That’s a breezy 53 years ago! Can you image a world without your after dinner mint? We would all be counting moon cycles like my great nanny did! Hallelu for the fierce feminists who came before us!

My Commute Home Today/Why We Still Need Feminism

In New York City 4.3 million people ride the rails everyday. During rush hour it can feel like billions. Everyone is tired from work and would rather be somewhere else. No one takes the train for a joyride, it’s your vessel from point A to point B. In the throngs of all these commuters there are certain rules of respect that are unspoken: you move out of the way of the doors at stops, you don’t stare, you offer your seat to children, and you generally try not to make anyone feel uncomfortable while you are sharing such close quarters. However, on my way home from the train today, a single mother was hit in the face.

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Bad Ass Bitch of the Week: Katie Heim


katieheimGuys, I dunno if you have ever tried to write a poem about your vagina, but I will tell you from experience that the best thing you can do with this type of prose is share it with the first republican you see. Which is just what our Bad Ass Bitch of the week, Katie Heim, did! This word wizard and overall goddess penned the most glorious poem comparing her v-town to a gun.

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People We Love: Dustin Hoffman

dustinIf we have to dress every man in America like a woman for them to understand how provincial our views of beauty are, then I say full steam ahead. Someone get RuPaul on the phone! Dreamboat Dustin Hoffman recently opened up about his role in the 80s flick Tootsie and it’s enough to make your heart grow three sizes- please watch immediately!