I Don’t Show Up At Work To Look Cute

cristinaby – C. Rose

I walked into the office one morning with a new dress. I didn’t even get to my desk when three men smiled at me and complimented me on my outfit, but not on my success at winning a new account. If my male counterparts wear nice outfits to work, it means financial success and a day of booked meetings.

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Feminist Flashback

feministflashback_v2Katharine Graham was the first female CEO of a Fortune 500 Company in 1972, just 41 years ago. Her position at the Washington Post was originally passed down from her father to her husband. However, when her husband died, she took the reigns of the company. Although the position was part of her family’s legacy her strength and perseverance made huge political waves.

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Betty on Your Block


Introducing Bettys on Your Block, a Feminist Wednesday exclusive that spotlights our neighbors and friends. They tell us what females in their life they admire, what makes them a bad ass bitch, and much more. Want to be featured in this exclusive?
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Who You Admire Now

Elissa – Amy Heckerling because she’s a female director who was making kick ass movies in the early eighties when women couldn’t break into the business; it could be so much better today but at least we have Amy and others, these pioneers who have paved our paths.
Rachel – Eleanor Roosevelt. She was a writer, humanitarian, positive public figure, outspoken, mother, social activist, and had great nicknames like ”public energy number one” and my favorite, “Eleanor Everywhere.”
Mandi – Courtney Love- She’s not afraid to speak her mind, she can take the heat, and she is hilarious.

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