Skate Girls Productions

shredby Rosie, 25
Dorset, England

Me  and Sadie met at school briefly but it wasn’t till college that our friendship blossomed and we found out how much we had in common. One of our shared interests was skateboarding, we both hadn’t done for a while because we were to scared to go to the skate park, which was a little intimidating as it was mostly boys.

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Geminis and Dreamchasers: The House of June

HouseofJuneby Ebony, 28
Atlanta, Georgia
The House of June

My partner, Amber and myself, met in a lighting class at Georgia State University about three years ago. We were never in a group together but somehow one day the universe led her to speak to me while we were picking up equipment.

“What do you do?” she asks.

“I write and direct” I said.

I then asked her the same question and she said she directed and acted as cinematographer.

Now, I don’t know if it was love at first site. But the first time we spoke I felt an organic sisterhood form.  She was the creative strength to my technical weaknesses and I vice versa to her.  We quickly learned that we were both Geminis and dreamchasers working a nine to five.

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AFratoby Ashley Frato, 27
Brooklyn, NY

As a Makeup Artist, I truly understand the power of applied beauty and the positive impact it can have on a woman’s self esteem. Whether you’re going full face, or just loading up your lashes with mascara and finishing it off with a firerey red lip (my personal fav), makeup can serve as a fabulous confidence booster and an instant pick me up for even the dullest of days. It makes a woman feel beautiful and sexy, which is why I love what I do so much.

However, I also believe in the true beauty beneath the makeup. The you before the lashes, before the foundation, and before the lipstick. Continue reading…

Finding Feminism

erikby Erik Erikson, 27
New York, New York

Growing up, nobody talked to me about feminism. It’s one of those things I found out about later on, despite having unwillingly listened to my sister’s copy of Live Through This through her bedroom door for several years. She and my mother, the only two women in my younger life besides my teachers, never intentionally taught me anything about the movement. They led by example, and if I didn’t pay attention it was my loss.

My education was even less deliberate. There were no lessons about issues affecting women as a whole, and even a brief mention of the American women’s suffrage movement was simply a footnote as one of the many upheavals of the 20th century. However, we learned about many important female figures, and the problems that affected them.

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ditchMakeup to me has always been an enhancement of physical features. I’ve never been ashamed to go fresh faced at the gym or the beach. I’m not one of those girls who freaks out if she isn’t wearing anything, but I prefer to begin my day with a swipe or ten of mascara (I’m a self proclaimed mascara whore). I feel self-conscious without it. Especially with my features and skin being so fair, if I am not wearing any I get looks of concern like, “are you feeling okay?” or my favorite, “you look tired.”

However once I started working from home, the pressure put on my face was no longer part of my routine. All of a sudden my morning time was spent writing, designing, and having coffee dates with Sal. I did some research about my new form of liberation and learned that according to a British survey women spend 474 days of their life putting on makeup. 474 days! That’s one year and three months. Thats crazy! Could you imagine if you spent that time polishing a project for work, doing yoga, or meeting your friends at the bar? That’s a whole lot of time!

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I Am Proud To Be



 Jazzmine Rixen, 23
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I’m a half German, half Indian girl that lives in Malaysia. For those of you don’t know Malaysia is a Muslim country with the population of mostly Malays, Chinese & Indians. It’s also a very conservative country… We literally have a written law that states we are not allowed to have anal sex and give/receive blow jobs. Yeah, we need a human rights movement up in this bitch ASAP. Anyway, living here as mixed race kid I was ALWAYS the odd one out. I’m not exaggerating when I say 99.9% of Malaysians are 5ft tall, pitch black hair, really tanned, typically slender (because it’s always a competition who’s skinnier). Here I am 5ft 7, ever changing hair colour, light skin, full figured, big bug eyes. The list could go on but the point is I was considered to be weird looking.

The whole of my teen years I strived to be “NORMAL” . I starved myself to a sickly 45kg/99pounds , took off all my piercings, dyed my hair black, started doing all the things & pretending to like all the things normal Asians liked. But there was still ALWAYS something that wasn’t good enough. Always another pound I could lose, always a better way I could dress. Continue reading…


jaguarinaDid you know? Ella Hattan, better known as Jaguarina is a relatively unknown fencing legend from the late 1800’s.  “She had, for years, defeated just about every male opponent she could find, usually with broadswords. On horseback.” No big deal.

Learning About Feminism, I Discovered Myself


sammee2by Samee Callahan, 19
Lincoln, Nebraska

Before a year ago if somebody were to call me a feminist I would be superbly insulted. Like a lot of people do, when I heard the word feminist I thought of women who didn’t shave and hated men. Recently, I was called a feminist as an insult but I took it as the awesome compliment that it actually is.

It all began in an Intro to Women’s & Gender Studies (WGS) course in the spring of my freshman year of college. I took the course because it seemed like the most interesting out of all of the courses on my scholarship’s required course list. I was reluctant at first, I half expected my professor to be an angry woman teaching me about why men are assholes. Thankfully, the course proved all of my assumptions wrong and I began to genuinely adore the idea of feminism. Continue reading…