People We Love: Feminist Apparel

peopleFeminist Wednesday is super excited to be able to buy clothing as fierce as our feminism. You bet your high waisted skinny jeans we put our credit card down on a ‘Feminist as Fuck‘ T-shirt (heather grey) from our friends at Feminist Apparel! We chatted with Alan, the founder of Feminist Apparel about his mission for the brand: “Feminist Apparel is my attempt at raising the awareness and conversation of gender issues in our society —

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Feminism and the Rrriot Girl Movement

fem_momby Angel Sunlight
Growing up in a single-parent household, I always knew that women could do almost anything and everything a man could do. But it wasn’t until the 8th grade, when my English teacher assigned Maya Angelou’s memoir, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” that I became a feminist. As a writer, I connected with Angelou and her writing, not to mention obsessed over her poetry, especially the incredibly inspiring “Phenomenal Woman.” Angelou, as my mother does, empowered me as a girl. I became a feminist, but I still did not know a lot about it. Nobody was talking about it. People seemed to ignore it. I always thought it was an important topic, but I didn’t know where to go from there. I knew that I believed in equal rights of the sexes, but I didn’t know what else to do about it. I was a teenage feminist when I discovered Bikini Kill and the Riot Grrrl movement. That’s where it all clicked.

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My New Years Resolution

unnamed-2by Erin Bagwell, 26
Brooklyn, NY

A couple of months ago I needed to see the doctor. I won’t bore or disgust you with all the details but I thought I was really sick. The doctors gave my a grey answer about my health, they needed to do an invasive procedure to see what was happening. They said something along the lines of “It could be something minor internally or it could be a form of stomach cancer”. Nothing shakes or awakens you more than hearing a doctor casually mention cancer.

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My Phenomenal Unearthing of Feminism & Self Efficacy


unnamedby Maiya Milan Gitryte, Artist & Entrepreneur

I discovered that I was a feminist somewhat by accident. I can recall the moment quite vividly now as I sit in a local café typing these words. It all began on a typically humid South Florida evening. A friend and I had RSVP’d to attend a popular nightclub in Miami Beach.

Although my friend had opted to dress in high heeled shoes as I usually did, that night, I chose to wear flat dress thong sandals. As we approached the “velvet ropes” of the venue, I was rather abruptly told by the doorman that I could not enter due to my footwear. I was baffled. I glanced down at my feet; nicely pedicured toes, black sandals adorned with crystals. The doorman stated that I would not be allowed entry because I was wearing flat shoes.

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Betty on Your Block

unnamedby Kimberly C, Glendale CC

What female is inspiring you right now?

My Ecofeminism professor: Dr. Lina Gupta. She is one of the most erudite, complacent, and admirable people I have ever met. She is an ecofeminist herself, but she isn’t really a shove it in your face kind of person. The thing is, everything she says has a certain gravity and depth to it, it makes you listen and really draws you in. I think she is a very influential, fantastic person.

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People We Love: LunaFest

tumblr_my0b64oqHE1sa7h11o1_400This holiday season consider supporting one of our fellow beavers by donating to the Junior League of Long Beach! The Junior League of Long Beach has partnered once again with the makers of LUNA® Bars to present the LUNAFEST® Film Festival, which is all about films “by, for, about women.”

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