A Look At The Advertising Women of New York’s Advertising Career Conference


tumblr_my0b3kdz1K1sa7h11o1_250by Jessica L

I have never considered myself a feminist. Feminism’s presentation usually frustrates me, with women crying out about unfair treatment and in the process turning themselves into the victim. That’s actually why, at the Advertising Women of New York’s Advertising Career Conference, I decided to go to the In Her Shoes: A Discussion About Women’s Challenges and Successes in the Workplace panel, which was hosted by Feminist Wednesday. I expected the women to feed me some “I can have it all if I just work really hard” fluff. A part of me, however, was begging them to prove me wrong.

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Beaver Talk Reviews

Beaver Talk Episode 2
In Her Shoes: A live panel discussion about women’s challenges and successes in the workplace

“Thank you for facilitating a panel at the AWNY ACC. I am not typically a super-feminist, but decided to break out of my comfort zone by attending. I think I left the panel as a feminist. Everyone had phenomenal insights, including yourself. Thanks so much!”
– Jessica L, Rider University


“I’m so glad that discussion is immortalized forever via podcast. I think that workshop was my favorite event of the entire conference.”
– Shelby F, Appalachian State University


“Thank you so much for hosting the panel this past Saturday at the AWNY conference. I consider myself a feminist and it was so great to see that I’m not alone in the field that I’ve chosen. I feel so much more enlightened and confident in my future thanks to you ladies.”
– Samee C, University of Nebraska-Lincoln



tumblr_mx9ky6XF3i1sa7h11o1_400by Serenity Hart

I used to think that beauty was a skinny white girl on the cover of a cosmo magazine, until it dawned on me that beauty is an illusion. My ideal beauty was not a black woman with curves and dark skin. And it took me a long time to be comfortable with my own appearance.

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Beaver Talk, Episode 2: Women’s Challenges and Success in the Workplace (Live Panel Discussion)


This episode is really special to me because I got the amazing opportunity to host a feminist panel at the Advertising Women of New York’s Advertising Career Conference.

Every year AWNY puts on a conference for over 500 students around the US to introduce them to the world of advertising. I got the chance to moderate a panel with four bad ass bitches from the advertising world: Elisa: Senior Account Manager, Kelly Wenzel: CMO of Centro, Christelle Jerome: Account Supervisor at Publicis Life Medicus, and Roseanne Amoils: Certified Career Coach of Whats Next Club.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

tumblr_mwvy9jCxfp1sa7h11o1_400What are you thankful for this year? The top five things Feminist Wednesday is thankful for this year are: 

1. My parents for supporting and encouraging Feminist Wednesday. My Mom for being the most emotional, passionate, and the strongest person I know. My Dad for brining me to women’s basketball games when I was little, however allowing me to spend my soccer games kart wheeling through the field.

2. Sal-amander, Feminist Wednesday’s Copy Editor, my boyfriend, and my partner in crime. The one who is making me dinner while I freak out about a deadline or keeping me company when I am up working on the newsletter until 2 am. Thank you for making me laugh and for taking care of me. You are the best! I love you.

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Beaver Talk, Episode 1: Street Harassment with Emily May

When I first heard about Hollaback; the organization standing up to street harassment, I was overjoyed and perplexed…Who are these mythical Hollaback people, what are they doing to keep our streets safe, and how are they doing it? I had to find out! So I did! I chatted with Emily May about why she started Hollaback, how it is affecting communities across the globe, and what makes her a bad ass bitch!

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Why Women Are the Greatest Creatures On Earth


tumblr_mwkgm55vuH1sa7h11o1_400by Tara Strigler

I remember sitting in my high school freshman orientation wondering “why did my mom force me to come to an all girl school?”I was the typical high school freshman excited about embarking on a new journey of my life. I had my whole high school career planned out in my head. I was going to be the super cute cheerleader, dating the all star basketball player and I would be wearing his varsity jacket during homecoming. I would have lunches similar to a scene in ”High School Musical” and every time in between classes I’d get a little social time. Welp, my hopes and dreams were completely shattered. I was stuck with nothing but females, no exciting homecomings to look forward to… and no guys! When it comes to myself, if I’m not comfortable in a situation, I automatically shut down all opportunities for people to get to know me.

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