Refrain from Smooshing Me Please

jeanineJeanine Gleaves, 24
Long Island, NY

I had a revelation of sorts during today’s commute from hell (its always a commute from hell, the LIRR isn’t known for it’s customer satisfaction), and its not a conspiracy, it’s just a fact.

I’m always. being. smooshed. or squished, squashed, mooshed, mangled, rearranged on a physical level, however you want to imagine or define it. And you might say, “Yeah, okay Jeanine, thats commuting, deal with it and get on with your life and move already!”, I would of course kindly agree with you, but then reply quite loudly “yes, this is singularly true, but I have noticed both personally and through observation that women are being squished I would say about 70% more than men”. Woah nelly, 70%, thats not 90% so no biggie right? WRONG! (I’m just caps-ing this because I like to get in your face a little) I take this damned train 2 times a day for a total of 3+ hours of my godforsaken workday. I pay about $285 a MONTH, and by the end of it the experience makes me overall miserable while I’m conscious for it (What? I like to sleep….A LOT)

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Bad Ass Bitch of the Week: Erel Pilo

erelErel Pilo, singer/songwriter, and our bad ass bitch of the week, is making it rain female empowerment by hosting a concert to celebrate Women’s History Month. ‘A Night of Sirens’ will feature 20 singer-songwriters, mostly women, sharing songs that symbolize the beauty of the female spirit. The show will include a variety of musical genres including indie, folk, jazz, country (Feminist Wednesday is singing Dolly Parton!), rock and even poetry.  Continue reading…

Why I’m Not Really Into Lean In’s Ban Bossy Campaign

BeBossyI love Lean-In, I love Sheryl Sandberg. I love the message she sends to women about stepping up and getting into their careers. I think her work and her perspective are super motivational. However, I watched the #banbossy videos and felt kind of underwhelmed. I stand by the message that we need to let girls be leaders, and we as a society should support and empower that desire for leadership. That being said…I wonder if being bossy is such a bad thing.

When I was growing up I always thought I learned my ‘bossy’ behavior from having a strong mother. And while I picked up a lot of tips from MA (my mom) I was really shocked in high school to learn that my aggressive behavior was always part of my personality. I found a copy of my “baby book”, which read: Erin is naturally aggressive. When one of the older boys took a toy she was playing with she went over and took it right back.

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Why I Eloped

Elie1Ellie Saldana
LA, California

I never gave wedding planning much thought until I had to plan my own ceremony. When I started the process I thought it would be like putting together any other large party but this was not the case — not at all.  With a wedding comes tradition, expectations, and pressure.  Initially, I wanted a simple wedding with a classic dress but soon I was overwhelmed.

The food, the flowers, the wording of the invitations, a now custom designed dress, each detail quickly becoming a source of debate and potential disagreement between my partner and I.

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A Night of Sirens

nightofFeminist Wednesday is so excited to support ‘A Night of Sirens’– a concert being held to celebrate and empower women in Honor of Women’s History Month. The evening will take place at the legendary Bitter End in New York City and will feature 20 singer-songwriters, mostly women, sharing songs that symbolize the beauty of the female spirit. The show will include a variety of musical genres including indie, folk, jazz, country, rock and even poetry. Proceeds from ‘A Night of Sirens’ will benefit “Made by Survivors,” a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering survivors of human rights abuses including slavery and sex trafficking. The show is being put together by the talented Erel Pilo who said she was motivated to create the show by a  number of events:

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Shut up and Look pretty



by Jessica Ranae
Feminist Wednesday University Writer

Growing up I wanted to be as beautiful as a supermodel, with perky tits and long, smooth legs. As an adult I do not possess those model standards, but I am blessed with a nice face and stick-thin body, so that men only talk to me because of my appearance. I used to wear short skirts, work out my ass and was subordinate in the bedroom-all to be sexier. Not because I wanted to but because isn’t that what men want? Beauty and inferiority? I was trained, pressured to conform my body, my mannerisms, my sexuality not necessarily to men’s ideals, but to the media’s idea of what women should be and what men should want.

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Feed Your Fem

1620686_10152205882566113_1153537713_nThis past week Feminist Wednesday’s Founder Erin shared her story on the Feed Your Fem podcast! Feed Your Fem is a bi-weekly podcast created in partnership with UoN Feminists and the student radio station URN at the University of Nottingham in the UK.

The podcast is intended as an outlet for feminist discussion; a space for debate, understanding and reflective questioning of our societal influences and their effects. Our intention with the podcast is that it serve as an introduction for students unfamiliar with feminism. Our main aim for our podcast is that it should be interesting; it will be the greatest reward if we make our audience learn, laugh and consider topics they can identify with but never thought of before in a feminist context.Johanna Estrin

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Bitches Who Brunch

FemDiaI couldn’t by more excited about this combination: feminist discussion + brunch! It’s like god smiled down on us and said, “Yes, my sister, please enjoy an endless supply of mimosas with your enlightened discussion!”

Whether you consider yourself a feminist or are simply trying that hat on for size, please join Bitches who Brunch for an informal feminist salon a la brunch. Show up ready to meet, mingle, discuss, and eat. Both men and women are equally welcome!

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