GladRags – Support their Kickstarter!

Tracy the CEO of GladRags and I go way back which is why when she reached out to let me know about her crowdfunding campaign for XO Flo I was so excited to catch up with her and learn more about her Kickstarter.

Check out my interview with Tracy below to learn more about her new mini menstruation cups, find out why GladRags is donating a percentage of their sales to a period non-profit, and hear about the most embarrassing part of running a period company. Continue reading…

Dress Codes-Keeping Women in Check for Decades

JenniferGregory_DressCodeJennifer Gregory
Covington, Texas

I spoke today with a female relative, Sandra, born in 1949. She told me about being forced to kneel in the hallway as a student in high school, to prove her skirt was the appropriate length. She expressed the humiliation she felt as she was forced to kneel and a teacher determined whether her clothing was acceptable for her to remain in school.
I was born in 1972, 23 years after Sandra. Continue reading…

The Girl Who Said Sorry – Interview with children’s author Hayoung Terra Yim

HayoungTerraYimAt times “I’m sorry” can feel like it’s been engrained into our brains as women. The need to take up less space and apologize is a big theme throughout our lives. To dig deeper into this topic, and more importantly make a cultural shift happen Hayoung Terra Yim wrote the perfect antidote: “The Girl Who Said Sorry.”

Check out our interview with the author and get your copy of the book here! Continue reading…

Meet Danielle Wolter Nolan & DNK Presents – The only woman, LGBT owned adventure company in Indiana

DNKPresentsWhen we found out about DNK Presents the only woman, LGBT owned adventure company in Indiana I had so many questions, mostly what is an adventure company and how can I get my adventure on immediately! So I chatted with DNK Presents’ co-founder Danielle Wolter Nolan to learn all about running your startup in the great outdoors, how her business supports and empowers women all over Indiana, and how feminism plays a role in her work. 
Continue reading…

How sleeping apart can save your marriage

TheresaBrawnerby Theresa Brawner,

Sleeping in separate rooms is traditionally considered as one of the signs of a problem in marriage, but a new study has led to quite different conclusions. Namely, an increasing number of couples are deciding to sleep in separate rooms. It’s a practical decision, and some of the reasons for this are that your partner is snoring and watching TV and, and you want to have some rest. Continue reading…

Meet Hillary Peckham the COO of the women-owned medical marijuana company Etain

HillaryPeckhamv1Etain is one of the five organizations registered to provide medical marijuana in the state of New York, but the only family-run, women-owned business committed to manufacturing clean, safe, and consistent medical marijuana products for patients. Not only is it a women-owned business but their COO Hillary Peckham is just 23 years old. We had to chat with Hillary about what inspired her to get into the medical marijuana field, all things entrepreneurship, and how women are supporting women in this booming new industry.  Continue reading…

Why I Wrote Creative Money

Exposureby Erin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday
Director of Dream, Girl

A little over a year and a half ago my business partner was diagnosed with cancer and with a heavy heart decided to step away from the day to day operations to focus on her health. However in addition to being gutted about losing her, I was also faced with an existential crisis about the business we had built together. Continue reading…