Why I Wrote Creative Money

Exposureby Erin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday
Director of Dream, Girl

A little over a year and a half ago my business partner was diagnosed with cancer and with a heavy heart decided to step away from the day to day operations to focus on her health. However in addition to being gutted about losing her, I was also faced with an existential crisis about the business we had built together. Continue reading…

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

WhatToDoby Erin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday
Director of Dream, Girl

My business, which I’ve dedicated the last three and a half years of my life to is slowly folding. In under a year I’ve lost my business partner, had to move out of our office, let go of my staff, and have racked up a significant amount of debt. Continue reading…

Homeworld: A Documentary

A senior student from an Atlanta based college wants to bring diversity to all things nerdy. She has studied film for the past five years and hopes to put it to the test during her final year in the mass media arts program. With goals to become a documentary writer and director, she thought it best to start with something local but relatable everywhere you go. Continue reading…

The Wage Gap Includes Us Too

MindaHartsBy: Minda Harts

When I started The Memo nearly two years ago, equality for Black women in the workplace wasn’t top of mind for many. The topic of equality for women seemed to be very one-size fits all. For example, the often quoted statistic that women make 77 cents for every dollar a white male makes, while concerning, doesn’t tell the complete story. Black women make 48 to 69 cents of what a white male makes. It is important to advance all women, while not forgetting that Black women face their own unique set of challenges in the workplace. When it comes to advancing black women in the workplace, where do you fall? Continue reading…


KisakyeMoureenBy Kisakye Moureen

Feminist Wednesday is so excited to be partnering with Women in Leadership Uganda’s Teen Voices Programme, which encourages teens to write their stories. As a warning, this piece deals with sexual assault — please take care in reading ahead if you’re triggered by the subject. <3 

Sheena was my neighbour and my best friend in the village of Kyanfuba, Kaliro district. We used to share everything. But unfortunately, Sheena was not good at education, even though her parents had the money to pay for her school fees. Sheena was beautiful, tall with big dimples when she smiled, and by then she was thirteen years old. However, a forty-year-old man conned Sheena and defiled her. Continue reading…

Innovative Apps Designed for or Created by Modern-Day Women

KateHarveston (1)

By Kate Harveston

Most of us love the cool things we can do on our cell phones — chances are you’re reading this article on your favorite mobile device, right? Upwards of 75% of women in the United States own a smart phone, so it makes sense that there are plenty of apps specifically for women.

Unfortunately, they can be difficult to find, buried in a world of Angry Birds and Tinder. Whether you’re looking for an app to track your period, understand your health, or just find some new things to try, we’ve got you covered with a list of apps that are designed for or created by women (or both!). Continue reading…

Meet Cady Huffman, Director of City of Light


CadyHuffmanIntroduce yourself! Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m Cady Huffman, the director of a new musical called City of Light. Mel Brooks dubbed me “The Mountain Every Jew Would Like to Climb.” I’m a performer who has had the good fortune to make my living in my chosen business for the past 34 years. I also direct, produce, write, teach and mentor young artists. All in all, one lucky gal. And I won a Tony Award for playing Ulla in The Producers. Continue reading…