A New Miss Eaves EP (& Videos)

MissEavesImageHi! I am Miss Eaves, a Brooklyn rapper originally from NC. I love making body positive/feminist dance music! I have always enjoyed entertaining people and making them smile.

I am super into DIY culture. I co-direct/direct my music videos, design my album art and merch and even make my own jewelry! Continue reading…


TimesUpv1by Diana Matthews
co-host of BeaverTalk

I have watched many award shows over the years but none has shook me to my core like this year’s Golden Globes ceremony.

The women of Hollywood put on their black attire and hit the red carpet in solidarity with the #TimesUp initiative – a legal fund and political proclamation to end discrimination, abuse, and harassment across all industries.
It was so inspiring to see the actresses and creators I look up to – women who have helped me shape my sense of self and have given me the courage to pursue my dreams – take down the house last Sunday. Continue reading…

Dream, Girl in Egypt

DGEgyptErin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday
Director of Dream, Girl

Walking inside the tomb of the Great Pyramid of Giza I could feel all the hairs on my neck stand up. The room was small and dark, and my eyes strained to see. I could feel the enormity and importance of Egyptian mythology echoing louder with every step I took as I approached the tomb. A culture so full of life even their burial places come alive. Continue reading…

PLAY BIG: Lessons in Being Limitless from the First Woman to Coach in the NFL

51eZNEgu0OL._SL300_A conversation with Dr. Jen Welter, author of PLAY BIG: Lessons in Being Limitless from the First Woman to Coach in the NFL

“Winning can be the outcome of a competition, but it can also be the opportunity to compete against the odds. Being a professional is about the attitude you have and the value you assign yourself, not the value someone else assigns you. When you define your own metrics of success, then you truly define your power and how you are going to live your life.”

Continue reading…

What’s Really Behind the Whole Men-Ask-Women-Out-First Thing?

KateH_FeministWednesdayKate Harveston

Recently, I was watching an episode of Family Guy that touched on the topic of women asking men out. When the typical-teen-daughter character, Meg, asks her mother if it’s acceptable for her to make the first move and ask a guy out, her mother responds,

“Meg, are you asking me in this day and age, whether it’s appropriate for a girl to ask a boy out on a date? Of course it’s appropriate. It’s also sad and desperate and I would never do it, but you’re not me, are you sweetie?” Continue reading…