The Girl Gang Missives Vol. 38


GGMBy Nicole Belanger
The Girl Gang Missives is a weekly report on the badass things that women are making/creating/building/writing.

This is the last GGM of 2016, my dears! With the holidays just around the corner, I’m going to be taking a little break to spend time with family (this year will be our last Christmas in my childhood home so, you know, *~feelings~*) and work on a new creative project that I’m super excited about! See you after the jump, kids. xo

This week, the women are weaving dreamy art, being radically generous, and making a lot less money than you might think. Continue reading…

The Girl Gang Missives Vol. 33


GGMI’ve always known that this community was something special. I’ve always known that you have big hearts, curious minds, and a strong appetite for doing good in this world.

But this past week, it was made clear to me that this community is much more active than I ever could have imagined.

Week after week, I send you links of cool things that women are doing/saying/building/launching, and it turns out that you aren’t just quickly skimming through them — you are clicking on the links and then buying, reading, donating, and sharing. Continue reading…