A Few Career Paths Most Likely to Amount to Equal Pay

EqualPayv4by Kate Harveston

Trying to get your career started is a difficult thing to do in today’s economy to begin with. Sometimes you have to take whatever job you can get, and while it’s never fun to work a job that doesn’t have anything to do with your passions or dreams, it’s even worse to be underpaid for it.

This is, unfortunately, still the reality for many women in modern society. Discussion about the gender pay gap has gone on for what feels like forever, and while it has improved, we still have a long way to go.

Knowing all of this, I managed to compile a list of career paths, all from fairly different fields and probably tailorable to someone’s specific passions, that are doing a better job than most at bridging the pay gap. These are some of the more lucrative career paths for women who would like to avoid the pay gap, or maybe even get paid more than some of their male counterparts. Check out the pay differences for each job. Continue reading…