Meet Crafty Contraceptives


Photo by Jill Greenberg

Chelsea Wagner
Founder, Crafty Contraceptives

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

I’m a visual artist and designer with a penchant for sarcasm and one-liner jokes.  A lot of my work has a tongue-in-cheekness to it.  I have some roots in activism and what I quickly realized when I first entered that world was that no one likes to be told what they should or shouldn’t be doing.  So I started incorporating things I care about into my art work as well as a focus on whimsy and play.  I really like to get people to drop their guard and get silly.  I think that’s the best way to start a conversation about something serious.

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Female Founder Spotlight: Blogger Ashley Gabriel



Ashley Gabriel
Founder, To Covet And Bestow

Tell us a little about yourself!

I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey but always had the itch to become independent and see more than New Jersey/New York City. At 18, midway through my freshman year of college in NJ, I applied and enrolled to college in Florida and told my my mom I was leaving. It was a crash course in adult life being so far from home, having my own apartment, working, going to school full time and completing two internships. After college graduation (I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism) I moved back to start working in New York. I was lucky enough to get a job at Avon where I stayed for five years and had roles in several sides of the business. When they were downsizing, I was let go and I was devastated, but I felt like everything happens for a reason. I wanted to see the West Coast and work out there. Ironically, Avon asked me back twice but I applied to a job at Sephora, got accepted, packed my bags and left. I spent a year out there, but I didn’t feel fulfilled and wanted quality of life over quantity. I moved back last November, started writing a book, launched a blog, began a spiritual journey to become who I truly was and have never been happier.

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Female Founder Spotlight: Mallorie from SmartGlamour


mallorie_footerMallorie Carrington, 26, New York City

SmartGlamour is a body positivity based clothing line of fashionable, affordable basics – offered in a full range of sizes from XXS-3X – where every piece can be customized to a customers wants and needs. We stress positive self image and wellness for women and aim to empower women by putting the control back in their hands. They can make their clothing whatever they need it to be. This, in turn, helps rid them of the negative emotional reactions they may have had towards shopping and body image in the past.

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Female Founder Spotlight: Tracy from Kalaki Riot

Tracy1Tracy Palac Dungo, 28
New York City
Kalaki Riot

Kalaki Riot is a handmade jewelry line based in New York City. Our designs are carefully crafted by hand using traditional methods of wax carving, various fabrication techniques, and unique findings that we discover or source. Created to reflect a more thoughtful and easy way of living, it is our hope that our pieces empower women everywhere to celebrate themselves, their passions, and the life they want to live.

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Female Founder Spotlight: AWEAR



Tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m Kestrel Jenkins, 29, from San Diego, CA founder of AWEAR.

What is AWEAR?

AWEAR is a project intended to help inspire us to think about where our clothes are made, what they are made of, and who made them. With the high speed chase that fashion has become in today’s culture, AWEAR intends to help us all refresh our style in a community-oriented way, where we can help each other along the journey. AWEAR is a community of mindful consumers and stylish change makers.

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