A Conversation with Rorie Kelly

roriekellyby Erel Pilo
The first time I met fellow singer-songwriter, Rorie Kelly, was at a GoGirls concert at The Branded Saloon, a Western themed bar in Brooklyn. When I walked in, Rorie — whose stature may be on the petite side, but her voice is anything but — was onstage, belting out her songs amidst a swirling mass of hair. Fiery and red-headed, she is reminiscent of a certain Disney mermaid, only you get the feeling that if she had gotten to play the role, Ariel would never have given up her voice to the sea witch, still would have negotiated herself a strong pair of legs and had Prince Eric chasing after her the remainder of the movie, trying to keep pace. Rorie recently created Songs to Start a Fire, a vehicle to empower women through music. I met up with Rorie to learn about her new program. Continue reading…

#WCW Cyndie Spiegel

CyndieLast week we chatted with on of our favorite new feminist friends Cyndie Spiegel about following your passion, asking for your worth, and finding a team to help you dream big. Check out this inspiration interview with our #wcw!

Introduce yourself to our readers! Tell us who you are and what you do!

Informally, I’m an inspiration conduit, collaborator and a connector. But formally, I’m a small business strategy consultant and coach. I work with creative entrepreneurs to help them collaborate and build successful small businesses. I spent many (many) years doing work that I enjoyed but wasn’t passionate about. When I had the realization that I wasn’t “all in”, I knew that things in my life would have to shift. Since then, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to empowering and supporting others in doing the same thing.

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Lady Hustler: Katie Corcoran


Katie Corcoran

Hello Feminist Wednesday readers! My name is Katie Corcoran and I am a Lifestyle Coach, Speaker and soon-to-be Author. I am a self-proclaimed Lady Hustler and can often be found caught in the middle of juggling 29 various projects from writing my first book to getting down and dirty in the weeds with my Thrive in Your Hustle Mastermind series and one-on-one coaching. I’m what you call a Spiritual Gangster and, by that I mean, I have learned the best times to hone in on my hustle and have ultimately learned how to master the balancing act between work and play.

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Meet Feminist Dialogue!

feminist_dialogueFeminist Dialogue is one of my favorite feminist organizations ever! They provide me the feminist philosophy class I never had in their feminist salon a la brunch ‘The Hive’. The Hive is an extraordinary event full of warm baked goods and respectful discourse on feminist topics and thoughts. I feel so thankful to have this feminist afternoon getaway  in my life I just had to share this amazing organization with all of you! Check out our exclusive interview with Feminist Dialogue and if you live in NYC or DC  you HAVE to go to one of their events. You will not be sorry, I bet my beaver on it!

Feminist Dialogue is such an awesome feminist community. How did it come into existence?

Feminist Dialogue (FD) was built on the backbone of Jillian Foster’s, our founder, three great passions — feminism, tweeting, and brunching. Our feminist salon a la brunch series, The Hive (formerly Bitches Who Brunch), began as causal brunches in Jillian’s home.  Simultaneously our Twitter presence expanded. In 2014, our team joined forces to formalize the organization and produce even more events, including monthly Hive brunches, forthcoming panels, workshops, feminist-speed-chats, and in 2015, a fancy feminist conference called Feminism in New York City.

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Amber Amour #stoprapeedutcate


Feminist Wednesday is honored to share the story of Amber Amour, an artist who felt called to share her story of sexual assault publicly through chalk murals on the streets of New York. Her work is colorful, inspirational, and deeply personal. When we learned about the work she was doing we had to know more about the woman behind the message. This is what we learned. 

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Girls Who Rock: Jenn Rykert

cover art ep 1600x1600Jenn Rykert is one awesome lady making waves in the music biz! Not only is she an inspiring singer/songwriter, but she is a serious women’s advocate whose songs exude female empowerment. Check out “The Weaker Sex”– the glorious and unapologetic anthem about “being a girl”. We loved this pop-rock and passionate song so much we had to know more! Check out our exclusive interview with Jenn below!

Tell us about your journey into music. Was there a certain event that sparked your creativity in music, or was it something you identified with all along?

Creating music has always been part of my life; although I didn’t acknowledge or accept it until recently. I never called myself an ‘artist’ or a ‘musician’ and would often laugh when people called me that. Not until I released my 1st 6-song EP last fall did I begin to actually respond out loud when people asked what I did, “I am a musician. I am a singer a songwriter. I am a performer”. I guess releasing my recordings made it feel official or something. As a child I would spend hours writing lyrics, making up melodies and recording them on my little tape player, and then “perform” them for hours on my coffee table stage. I remember a babysitter showing me how she wrote down all the words to the songs she loved. That’s when I fell in love with the process of actually writing out words. I have an affinity for handwritten words – it’s one of the most beautiful art forms to me.

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Meet Ashley Pasquan from Adam Rabbit

Ashley_AdamMeet Ashley Pasquan from Adam Rabbit!

You started your company, Adam Rabbit with $40 in your pocket and are now killin it in the jewelry scene. Can you tell us how you got started, what inspired you to start your own company?

I have always had the desire to make and sell things. When I was a kid I would go door to door attempting to sell soap that I made with a craft kit. I also tried my hand at writing a neighborhood gossip magazine, that one didn’t go over too well.  A few years ago I decided I wanted to be really good at something. I taught myself to sew. I wasn’t really good at it and started to realize why my jr, high home economics teacher gave me the only D that has ever made it on to a transcript of mine. Through sewing, I discovered I actually liked making jewelry to go with the dresses more. That day I found the $40 in my purse seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally start making and selling the jewelry I wanted to buy myself, but couldn’t find in the places I was shopping.

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Meet Takeallah from Burning Bra Birth Services


I met Takeallah about a year ago through the feminist community and have really enjoyed following her professional and personal journey as a business owner. I think the work she is doing at Burning Bra Services is much needed and extremely fascinating so I had to sit down with her and ask her more about her passion, motivation, and what she has learned along the way. Here is what I found out!

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Female Founder Spotlight: Jess Peterson



Jess Peterson is one of my favorite NYC ladies and we are super excited that this summer she launched a creative agency for female entrepreneurs called Mighty Oak. Jess not only helps grow your brand and business through her team of creatives, but she even hosts events for new bosses in a speaker/networking event called Hatch. I sat down with Jess and asked her about her new business, some advice for ladies interested in entering the entrepreneur game and why she is motivated by the startup scene powered by women.

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