Meet Gail Mooney, Producer and Director of Like a Woman

Be proactive– not reactive. Be tenacious and don’t let the roadblocks keep you fr-2

Be proactive– not reactive. Be tenacious and don’t let the roadblocks keep you fr-2We at Feminist Wednesday know first-hand the serious diversity issues plaguing the film industry; only 15 percent of directors and 29 percent of writers are women, and a whopping 89 percent of all directors are white. By and large, white men run the industry but thankfully, there are people out there working tirelessly to change that narrative. We’re doing it through our sister production, Dream, Girl, and this week we chatted with another badass lady shaking up the industry, Gail Mooney. Gail tells us about her latest projects and what it’s like to be a woman paving her way in a male-dominated industry.

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Meet Annie & Margo, Founders of Conscious Period

The biggest advice we could give to any woman starting any business is -2

The biggest advice we could give to any woman starting any business is -2Ever looked at the list of ingredients in your tampons? Well, I just did and I’m especially concerned about the ”may contain” following “ingredients” in parenthesis. What do you mean, may contain? Thankfully, Margo and Annie have eliminated our worries and created organic, chemical-free tampons. With every box of tampons purchased, a box of environmentally friendly pads are donated to a homeless woman who wouldn’t otherwise have access to these safe feminine care products. Meet Margo and Annie, founders of Conscious Period: Continue reading…

Meet Kristine Stolakis, Director of Where We Stand


wherewestandFeminism and religion. Can they coexist? The answer, of course, is yes — but the relationship is often complicated and difficult to understand from the outside. This week we chatted with a woman navigating that relationship in a really thoughtful and powerful way. Kristine Stolakis is the director of Where We Stand, a short documentary that follows a group of badass Mormon feminists working toward equality. Read more about how Kristine is shining a light on these women below. Continue reading…

Meet Noël Fiorentinos of Work It Out


Thaddeus Rombauer Photography

Happy Feminist Wednesday!

This we chatted with kick-ass entrepreneur Noël Fiorentinos, the CEO of Work it Out Fitness Studios. I met Noël about four years ago and was immediately struck by Noël’s passion for the fitness game. She is a woman who exudes the confidence and clarity only a #GIRLBOSS on a mission can have. Two summers ago when we launched the Dream, Girl kickstarter Noël organized and opened up the WiO studio to the #dreamteam to film a group of charismatic young gymnasts to be in our Kickstarter video. Her passion for women and supporting their dreams is palpable in her interview. Read more about what inspired Noël to join the fitness industry and how feminism shaped its growth below. Continue reading…

Interview with Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

ECKHART TOLLEBonnie Jo Stufflebeam reached out with information about her Kickstarter project, Strange Monsters, which she began with her partner, Peter Brewer and successfully funded. I was immediately inspired by her feminist spirit and bold voice that I had to know more about her project and how she came to be a feminist fiction writer. Read my interview with Bonnie below and follow her trail on social media to stay up to date on the release of Strange Monsters! Continue reading…

A Conversation with Rorie Kelly

roriekellyby Erel Pilo
The first time I met fellow singer-songwriter, Rorie Kelly, was at a GoGirls concert at The Branded Saloon, a Western themed bar in Brooklyn. When I walked in, Rorie — whose stature may be on the petite side, but her voice is anything but — was onstage, belting out her songs amidst a swirling mass of hair. Fiery and red-headed, she is reminiscent of a certain Disney mermaid, only you get the feeling that if she had gotten to play the role, Ariel would never have given up her voice to the sea witch, still would have negotiated herself a strong pair of legs and had Prince Eric chasing after her the remainder of the movie, trying to keep pace. Rorie recently created Songs to Start a Fire, a vehicle to empower women through music. I met up with Rorie to learn about her new program. Continue reading…

#WCW Cyndie Spiegel

CyndieLast week we chatted with on of our favorite new feminist friends Cyndie Spiegel about following your passion, asking for your worth, and finding a team to help you dream big. Check out this inspiration interview with our #wcw!

Introduce yourself to our readers! Tell us who you are and what you do!

Informally, I’m an inspiration conduit, collaborator and a connector. But formally, I’m a small business strategy consultant and coach. I work with creative entrepreneurs to help them collaborate and build successful small businesses. I spent many (many) years doing work that I enjoyed but wasn’t passionate about. When I had the realization that I wasn’t “all in”, I knew that things in my life would have to shift. Since then, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to empowering and supporting others in doing the same thing.

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Lady Hustler: Katie Corcoran


Katie Corcoran

Hello Feminist Wednesday readers! My name is Katie Corcoran and I am a Lifestyle Coach, Speaker and soon-to-be Author. I am a self-proclaimed Lady Hustler and can often be found caught in the middle of juggling 29 various projects from writing my first book to getting down and dirty in the weeds with my Thrive in Your Hustle Mastermind series and one-on-one coaching. I’m what you call a Spiritual Gangster and, by that I mean, I have learned the best times to hone in on my hustle and have ultimately learned how to master the balancing act between work and play.

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Meet Feminist Dialogue!

feminist_dialogueFeminist Dialogue is one of my favorite feminist organizations ever! They provide me the feminist philosophy class I never had in their feminist salon a la brunch ‘The Hive’. The Hive is an extraordinary event full of warm baked goods and respectful discourse on feminist topics and thoughts. I feel so thankful to have this feminist afternoon getaway  in my life I just had to share this amazing organization with all of you! Check out our exclusive interview with Feminist Dialogue and if you live in NYC or DC  you HAVE to go to one of their events. You will not be sorry, I bet my beaver on it!

Feminist Dialogue is such an awesome feminist community. How did it come into existence?

Feminist Dialogue (FD) was built on the backbone of Jillian Foster’s, our founder, three great passions — feminism, tweeting, and brunching. Our feminist salon a la brunch series, The Hive (formerly Bitches Who Brunch), began as causal brunches in Jillian’s home.  Simultaneously our Twitter presence expanded. In 2014, our team joined forces to formalize the organization and produce even more events, including monthly Hive brunches, forthcoming panels, workshops, feminist-speed-chats, and in 2015, a fancy feminist conference called Feminism in New York City.

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