A Guide to Getting an IUD


IUDBy Taylor Ciambra

I was worried about my birth control pills melting. My multivitamins didn’t make it after one particularly hot day in Northern Arizona when the sun beamed straight through my tent’s mesh ceiling. This wasn’t the first time I worried about my pills surviving my outdoors job. There were times when I was sure I’d accidentally crushed them when I fell with my backpack on or it rained hard and my rainfly failed. That’s how I started to consider getting an IUD. After a quick search on Planned Parenthood’s site, I found myself thinking that sticking this little plastic T up in me was worth trying. Continue reading…

How to Resist


howtoresistBy Kylie Kendall

We’re less than two weeks into Donald Trump’s presidency and the country has already taken giant, monumental, devastating steps backwards. Advancements in American healthcare, immigration policy, environmental protection, Indigenous rights, and global women’s reproductive health that took decades of advocacy and hard work have been instantly set back by a series of executive orders and presidential memoranda Trump signed in his first days in the Oval Office. One such presidential memorandum reinstated the Mexico City Policy (or “global gag order”) originally put into place by the Reagan administration. The policy prohibits U.S. governmental aid to any international organization promotes abortion as a reproductive right, regardless of whether the organization actually provides abortions or whether American aid money actually funds them. Continue reading…

2017: The Year of the Fierce Feminist Fundraiser


fierceBy Alyssa F. WrightArtist, Activist and Author

Feminist was not a word you could say in my house growing up.

Whenever I mentioned Gloria Steinem or Angela Davis, my mother would throw a fit. I was repeatedly told, ‘how evil these women were’ and disruptive to ‘our way of life’, implying it would somehow interfere with our conservative Christian values in New England if women got paid as much as men or had access to affordable birth control. As I write this, I’m staring at a letter I have from my mother, one of our last communications in about five years, that states “your heart is misguided and you are being used to push an agenda” because I used to voice concern at home over friends I had who went on birth control to stop violent pain from endometriosis or got sexually harassed at their jobs. Continue reading…

Dudes, March with Your Ladies

Salby Sal Mastrocola, No Nets

This Saturday, millions of women will descend upon Washington DC to march against the incoming presidential administration, joined by millions more marching around the globe. I’ll be boarding a DC bound bus this Saturday at 4AM to march with them. My wife has volunteered herself to be captain of said bus. Full disclosure. Continue reading…

The Aftermath


eliseBy Elysse Andrews

After the election, I looked everywhere for something that would help me process the tragedy that had just occurred. I lost myself for a long time looking outwards instead of inwards – until I did and this is what happened next. Continue reading…

The Most Powerful Women in Tech


womenintechBy Tom Fisher

Gender has been a factor in determining whether a person can be an excellent leader or not. Women, when compared to men, are less likely to be chosen as someone to lead because of the belief that men are better in making tough and wiser decisions. For some people, females are not supposed to work at a company and lead. They are expected to stay at home to take care of the household chores and children. Continue reading…