Money Talk


moneyBy Olivia Land

I learned growing up that there were certain topics “polite people” didn’t talk about. The rules went like this: Polite people did not ask their neighbor who they voted for. Polite people did not ask adults of a certain age how old they turned on their birthday (I learned that one the hard way). And polite people certainly, most definitely did not talk about money. Continue reading…

Why I Cook Only for Myself


cookingformyselfBy Theresa Brawner

It somehow became our nature that everything we’re supposed to do for ourselves we do our best to avoid. Maybe we lack the needed perspective, maybe we lack the confidence, maybe we’re just a bit lazy or maybe it’s all of the above. The main problem here is that we choose to forget just how empowering and invigorating constant self-improvement is. There is nothing better than investing time and energy into yourself, the result always come back tenfold. The same principles apply to our cooking skills and habits. Continue reading…

My First Day at Mirembe Cottage


mirembecottageFeminist Wednesday is so excited to be partnering with Women in Leadership Uganda’s Teen Voices Programme, which encourages teens to write their stories. Stay tuned for more!

This piece was written as part of a partnership between the Teen Voices Programme and Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls, an organization that aims to get girls off the streets of Uganda. Continue reading…

When Being Gay Does Also Mean Being Happy


goodthingsBy Nico Morgan

Alternatively: Some Gay Girls’ Self Care Regimen During One Helluvan Administration

The night of the election, I was sitting in a 24-hour sushi bar with my girlfriend. By that point, we’d been dating for a little over one month, and being considered “queer” was still a relatively new realization for me. I remember watching her face as she continually refreshed the election results, again and again, and I found myself constantly reassuring her: Continue reading…



historyofabortionBy Taylor Ciambra

With the recent death of Norma McCorvey, the infamous ‘Roe’ of Roe vs. Wade, comments from Oklahoma Representative Justin Humphrey referring to women as “hosts” for fetuses, our president’s threat to “punish women for abortion” and his recent decision to defund global access to abortion, the times seem to call for reflection. How did we get to where we are with abortion? Was it always this fraught with emotion and perceived morality?

The short answer? No. Continue reading…

That Wild Woman


thatwildwomanBy Olivia Land

Towards the end of her TEDTalk “Confessions of a bad feminist,” writer Roxane Gay makes the point that “You do not want to be that wild woman, until you realize that you are her, and you cannot imagine being any other way.” I have encountered a good deal of inspirational quotes in my time (#carpethatdiem, folks), but this was different. Rather than an Instagram ‘like” or a reblog on Tumblr, Gay’s words actually made me pause for several minutes. Such is the power of words, I remember thinking. Indeed, in one foul swoop that “wild woman” image funneled life into identity crisis I have been grappling with for months. Continue reading…

Your Moment of Ambition

00_YMOALogo_2by Kylie Kendall

We made a web series!

When you make a movie, as I’ve learned via my two year crash course working for Dream, Girl, one of the most heartbreaking realities is that a lot of really great, thought-provoking, heart-filled material ends up on the cutting room floor.

When Erin and Komal, the producers of Dream, Girl, got the advice from their executive producers to cut the majority of the characters from the film and focus on just five women, it felt like a monumental loss.

Most filmmakers would grieve those characters and move on with the editing process, but Erin and Komal are not most filmmakers. They decided to take those moments and turn them into a 10-part web-series paired with feature-length editorial articles on women in business and entrepreneurship. Continue reading…