Bettys On Your Block


Who You Admire Now

Anna- Okay, this may sound silly but in all honesty I’m really admiring Judge Judy Sheindlin. My Dad has been a huge fan for years so I grew up watching her. Then, I happened to learn that the law school I began attending was Judge Judy’s alma mater. I feel like my Dad approved of my school choice more after hearing this. I’m in my fifth week of class now and one thing that really struck me from the beginning was the guy to girl ratio in classes. I knew law was a male dominated field but I hadn’t thought about it much. It really hit me one day sitting in a class of 20 and I realized there were 5 girls in it. In 2012, only 31.3% of attorneys were women. It’s a little intimidating. Then, I thought of Judge Judy. She graduated in 1965. Can you imagine what that would have been like as a girl?! They estimate a graduating class in 1965 would have been 3% women. The passion, drive, strength, and so much more it would have taken to be a woman in law school then is awe-inspiring. Now Judge Judy has heard more than 20,000 cases and that’s BEFORE starting her television show in 1996. Talk about a bad ass bitch!

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Bad Ass Bitch of the Week: Gail Dwyer

tumblr_msxz87uDQi1sa7h11o1_400Growing up I had no idea I was surrounded by such amazing women: artists, doctors, teachers and authors. It is my absolute pleasure to share with you the bad ass bitch of the week and my aunt, Gail Dwyer- the author of Tough as Nails, One Women’s Journey Through West Point. 

West Point admitted its first admitted female cadets in 1976 (116 women out of about 1000 cadets) and my aunt Gail was part of the 2nd graduating class of women. Can you imagine being one of one hundred men? That’s bananas! I couldn’t even write a good joke about that because it’s just. truly. bananas.

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People We Love: Armand Fernandez-Pierre

tumblr_msxz2rDMVc1sa7h11o1_400Right now I am super in love with cheerleader turned high school football star Armand Fernandez-Pierre! It’s like glee is becoming real life or real life is glee… either way I couldn’t be more excited. 

During half time Armand turns in his helmet for his pomps and kills it on the field. I CAN NOT believe how high his kicks are. Check out his routine at the 1 min mark here. Truly amazeballs.

Girls Who Code and the Female Alliance


tumblr_msxxtp6tPx1sa7h11o1_400by Jeanine G

It’s the same every time. I walk into an event related to my field – web and app development- and I revert back to that nervous 8 year old girl. “What languages do you know?” is my first introduction from a dauntingly tall swedish guy, “So what is it exactly do you do?” is the next question from an overly assertive doctorate student, “are you a recruiter?” asks an equally nervous twenty something. Why is it never, “Hi, my name is __, where do you work?”- the typical greeting for my male counterparts. I’m immediately thrown into a quiz-one that I always feel unprepared for, the result always ends with me stammering run on sentences, and trying to compensate for my self-perceived awkwardness.

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Bad Ass Bitch of the Week: Diana Nyad

tumblr_mskuvgbXWc1sa7h11o1_400I know that I am going to get a call from my mother shortly because she is always telling me to knock off my language in the newsletter but an f bomb is in order! Diana Nyad is our bad ass bitch of the week for swimming about a billion miles (110.4 miles in 52 hours and 54 minutes) from Cuba to Florida this past weekend- and she is sixty-fucking-four! SIXTY FUCKING FOUR! Do you know what I could do in 52 hours? Nothing! Holy beaver!

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Bettys On Your Block


Who Do You Admire Now

Katherine A- I’ve always admired my grandmother. I think she was the original badass. She gave everything she had to provide for her family, even if it meant working in a pickle factory 8 months pregnant. Growing up, if I ever had a problem, she was the one who could make everything better. And I got my stellar baking/entertaining skills from her.

Kellie K- My best friend has had the roughest few years that I have ever seen anyone go through. Personal and health situations should have really brought her down. They did not. She is the most hard working, warm, pleasant, level headed person I know. She is a fantastic mother and friend. This woman never hesitates to be there for others. I feel honored that she calls me friend.

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A Midnight Train to Westchester, and My Feminist Revelation

tumblr_msku61CZs31sa7h11o1_400by Emily P

I boarded a midnight train to Westchester from Grand Central with a friend of mine. We were exhausted, it had been a long week, and we had trekked out to Jones Beach for a concert after work. Choosing a car on the Metro North is always a chore. You don’t want to be in the cars with the bathrooms, you try to avoid the cars with the drunk high schoolers and the air conditioning isn’t pumping enough. Cait and I chose a car with some seemingly benign characters and sat down. I looked around a minute later and realized we picked a car containing only men, but thought nothing of it.

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Bettys (and a Johnny) On Your Block


Who You Admire Now

Megan– Cinthia Carranza.  My 5’0 tall co-worker from Miami, with hair emulating a Pantene Pro-V commercial and sky-high heels paired with every outfit. I credit her largely for my move to New York and improving my overall outlook on life. She showed me the true power of positive thinking and how it affects every aspect of your life, whether you realize it or not. Cinthia taught me how to “make things happen” in the business world through simply being one of those women who, without guidance, follow their intuition to bring profit and new ideas to fruition.  I saw her develop new markets in fresh ways, always with a smile on her face and unfailing optimism.

Amaris– My mom, because she taught me all about work ethic. Growing up, I remember how exhausted she would be coming home from working at the bodega and a string of other jobs she held throughout the years. She has always preached to me about the importance of education, and I’m thankful to her for that. When I look at both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, I see my mom. Without her support, I don’t think I could have pursued my higher education as aggressively as I did. I love you Mami!

Johnny–  One of my best friends from school, Jessica Hysong, whose wedding I will be attending (as a Bridesmaid, actually) this October in Huntington, Indiana.  She’s one of the strongest and kindest people I’ve ever known in my life, and I think of her as the sister I never had.  I’m really touched that she invited me to stand next to her at the altar as she becomes one of the gnarliest wives in the galaxy.

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