Dudes, March with Your Ladies

Salby Sal Mastrocola, No Nets

This Saturday, millions of women will descend upon Washington DC to march against the incoming presidential administration, joined by millions more marching around the globe. I’ll be boarding a DC bound bus this Saturday at 4AM to march with them. My wife has volunteered herself to be captain of said bus. Full disclosure. Continue reading…

The Aftermath


eliseBy Elysse Andrews

After the election, I looked everywhere for something that would help me process the tragedy that had just occurred. I lost myself for a long time looking outwards instead of inwards – until I did and this is what happened next. Continue reading…

The Most Powerful Women in Tech


womenintechBy Tom Fisher

Gender has been a factor in determining whether a person can be an excellent leader or not. Women, when compared to men, are less likely to be chosen as someone to lead because of the belief that men are better in making tough and wiser decisions. For some people, females are not supposed to work at a company and lead. They are expected to stay at home to take care of the household chores and children. Continue reading…

Why I’m Staying


stayingBy Diana Matthews

The day after the election, I had four calls booked with screenings hosts. At the time those appointments were made, I had assumed I would be feeling very differently than the emotional state I found myself in that morning. Continue reading…

The Political Podcast We Need: We The Ppl


wethepplBy Zora Ilunga-Reed

This past summer, in need of a project, I started a podcast. Boredom wasn’t my only reason for beginning We the Ppl, though. For the entire election year until that point, I had noticed that I’d been receiving the same response to my political interests. I’d be having a spirited political debate with someone. Excitedly making a point I thought was profound, informed, and witty I’d have been talking for a while when they’d interrupt me. “That’s interesting, but you know you can’t vote.” Just like that, my profound, informed, witty point was lost. The conversation would inevitably end there, leaving me dissatisfied with their response to my excellent point and annoyed at the lack of understanding adults always seem to possess. So, I guess you could say I started We the Ppl out of teenage angst. Continue reading…

Women Don’t Have Equal Rights: A Brief History of the ERA and Anti-Feminist Movement in the United States


equalBy Taylor Ciambra

With the presidential debates in full swing and an election nearly upon us, this autumn is filled with anticipation, uncertainty and hope. But there’s a bit of unfinished business haunting feminists these days, The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). Originally proposed in 1923 to ensure that equal treatment of the sexes was constitutional, the ERA has still not passed. Continue reading…