A College Reality: Fuckboy Culture and Female Objectification

By Elizabeth Patino

“Boys will be boys” is NOT a valid excuse. Ever.

Like many other women, I attend an elite college that reports high numbers of sexual assault and rape, and I can assuredly say that campus sexual violence is a scary reality. Frankly, it is difficult to avoid the ruthlessness of fuckboys, who embody hegemonic masculinity. In the classrooms, I am constantly subjected to being manterrupted and mansplained. At parties, I am incessantly objectified because of my appearance. This is the world we live in—a world established by the patriarchy, one in which men feel entitled to exploit and control women in any way possible. And this is a main component of the fuckboy agenda and culture. Naturally, I took it upon myself to deeply explore this phenomenon as part of my final project for my Global Feminism class. Continue reading…

My Client, My Muse: A Story of Female Collaboration in Art & Business


artistceoBy Kerri Lowe

“I’ve never met anyone who reminds me so much of you.” That’s what my husband Charlie said to me after he met Shannon for the first time. Shannon is one of my clients, though she’s also much more than that. For the past year, she’s also been my muse.

Shannon is the CEO of a branding and naming agency in San Francisco called House of Who. She’s also a performance artist and actress. We met because she needed someone to help out with her online presence for both of these roles, and I had recently started my business helping creative entrepreneurs with their content. Continue reading…

Why Consent Matters


ConsentFeminist Wednesday is so excited to be partnering with Women in Leadership Uganda’s Teen Voices Programme, which encourages teens to write their stories. Stay tuned for more!

As a warning, this piece deals with sexual assault. Please take care of yourself if you’re especially sensitive to the topic. <3
Continue reading…

Money Talk


moneyBy Olivia Land

I learned growing up that there were certain topics “polite people” didn’t talk about. The rules went like this: Polite people did not ask their neighbor who they voted for. Polite people did not ask adults of a certain age how old they turned on their birthday (I learned that one the hard way). And polite people certainly, most definitely did not talk about money. Continue reading…

Why I Cook Only for Myself


cookingformyselfBy Theresa Brawner

It somehow became our nature that everything we’re supposed to do for ourselves we do our best to avoid. Maybe we lack the needed perspective, maybe we lack the confidence, maybe we’re just a bit lazy or maybe it’s all of the above. The main problem here is that we choose to forget just how empowering and invigorating constant self-improvement is. There is nothing better than investing time and energy into yourself, the result always come back tenfold. The same principles apply to our cooking skills and habits. Continue reading…

My First Day at Mirembe Cottage


mirembecottageFeminist Wednesday is so excited to be partnering with Women in Leadership Uganda’s Teen Voices Programme, which encourages teens to write their stories. Stay tuned for more!

This piece was written as part of a partnership between the Teen Voices Programme and Mirembe Cottage of Street Girls, an organization that aims to get girls off the streets of Uganda. Continue reading…