Life is A Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Make It Stop

LivingNightmareThe  reproductive rights non-profit organization Lady Parts Justice (LPJ) presents, “Life is A Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Make It Stop” on Thursday, February 1st.

The two hour hell-raising comedy extravaganza will be live streamed from an undisclosed location in Hollywood that LPJ refers to as The Feminist Sleeper Cell and will entertain while raise awareness about the current assault on reproductive rights. All proceeds will benefit LPJ.  Continue reading…

Michelle Wolf Is a Nice Lady With a Big Naughty List

MichelleWolfby Kelly Shepherd

2017 was an interesting year for comedy. In a genre where social issues are satirized, 2017 brought forth a new landscape of political motivation, moving stand up comedy out of disengagement and into a co-pilot seat for news media.

If comedy ever had a moment to tip its hat to an individual who brought it back from irelevancy, it would be the Nice Lady Tour brought to you by comedian, writer, and feminist, Michelle Wolf. I am a fangirl, so allow me to get something off my chest: I believe, in my core and heart, that Michelle Wolf is the greatest female comedian of all time. Continue reading…