Erin’s Favorite Things of 2016


erinsfavthingsBy Erin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday and Director of Dream, Girl

2016 was a night-terror of a year, but it was also a momentous and defining year of my life. It was the year Dream, Girl was released into the world, the year we premiered at the White House, the year we met Oprah, and the year Diana moved to NYC. So in honor of the diamonds in the rough that kept 2016 illuminated, here is my list of favorite things (in no particular order). Continue reading…

Being a Feminist Now


feministnow2By Erin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday
& Director of Dream, Girl

It’s Thanksgiving night, and someone brings up Trump. My mother pauses their thought, thanks for them for their interest, but tells them this year we won’t be talking about politics at the dinner table. My heart is grateful, and I take a subconscious exhale of relief. I just spent the whole day sleeping, trying to recover from a sinus infection, and I’m not sure I am up to battling bigotry tonight. Continue reading…

Trumped-Up Trickle-Down Sexual Harassment


tutdBy Erin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday & Director of Dream, Girl

The last job I worked at before I started my own company was horrible. It was an aging company struggling to survive in a digital world. And it was sinking fast. We had two CEOs in the sixteen months I was there, and the toxic corporate culture that permeated throughout the office was both appalling and exhausting. Continue reading…


imwithherby Erin Bagwell
Founder of Feminist Wednesday
Director of Dream, Girl 

About a month ago, I received my official Hillary Rodham Clinton #ImWithHer t-shirt in the mail. When I broke open the packaging my heart started to race. An unexpectant excitement swelled over my body. Holding that t-shirt in my hands felt like I was holding a piece of history. This wasn’t just a political t-shirt – this was an heirloom – something I would proudly pass on to my grandchildren one day. I felt overcome with emotion at the outrageously ambitious possibility of the first female President. I clutched this piece of herstory in my hands and clung to it like a secret shared between Hillary and I.

Continue reading…

Happy Mother’s Day MaryAlice


by Erin Bagwell
Making a film about strong female role models, I think a lot about the influences I have had growing up, and how lucky I am to be my mother’s daughter. My mom, MaryAlice, is not a regular mom. Sure, she is a mama-bear-nurturing-powerhouse. But she is also a strong individual who doesn’t care about what other people think- we are all living in her world. Continue reading…

Feminist Wednesday on Holiday

WinterBreak3Greetings feministas!

This winter we are taking a little holiday break to enjoy snuggling up by the fire, stockpiling new feminist stories, binge watching episodes of The Good Wife, Empire, and Jessica Jones (in no particular order), and waiting until the lake thaws so we can leave our dam (ok, maybe just for Betty). Continue reading…

How to Sell Your Soul


ErinsStory2An Artist’s Guide to Self-Promotion
by Erin Bagwell

Recently I started putting together a new website for myself to accumulate all the articles and press that I have gotten over the last year as a result of launching Dream, Girl. And I was scrolling through the websites we have been featured on I was in a bit of shock: “Holy mother, we have gotten A LOT OF PRESS for a movie that hasn’t been made yet.” Every time a new press piece goes live it’s amazing, but to see it all on one page was bonkers. And the more I thought about it, the more I thought the initial stepping stones that got us here would be beneficial to other creatives, artists, and women who might have trouble selling themselves. Continue reading…

My Body, My Shame, My Voice: Rape and letting go of guilt

ErinsStoryby Erin Bagwell

Founder of Feminist Wednesday
Producer of Dream, Girl

When I was in the seventh grade I used to babysit for this family down the block. They had two kids, I was Red Cross certified, I loved babysitting, I loved making money. One night after babysitting the dad of the family drove me home alone. I had brought my own Charlie’s Angels barbie for the job to share with their little girl because I had just seen the reboot of Charlie’s Angels and my Cameron Diaz barbie doll was awesome.

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Women Supporting Women: Ode to Koko

KoKoby Erin Bagwell
Dream, Girl Producer
Founder of Feminist Wednesday

This past week I got married, and my husband Sal and I took an amazing honeymoon. While being unplugged for a while my brain got the much needed chance to wind down and reflect on everything that has been happening with Dream, Girl over the past year. Sometimes I get up in the morning and I go to work like everyone else, but other times I walk into an office I built, with an amazing employee I hired, and wonder how the hell I got here. One of those reasons is my business partner and friend Komal Minhas.

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