Feminist Wednesday is Back from Break


FEMINIST WEDNESDAYHappy Feminist Wednesday!

I am so happy to announce we are back from break and ready to take on 2016 with more girl power than ever. We have so much new content and excitement in store for you– firstly I’d like to introduce my new assistant editor, Kylie Kendall, and a powerhouse of new writers on our team: Taylor Ciambra, Tiffany D’Souza, Whitney Kipper, and Jeryl-Anne Asaro. They’ve been busy beavers these last couple months and we can’t wait to share their stories. Continue reading…

In the Midst of This Darkness

but the world has a way of sending you flowers when you're convinced there's not enough sunlight to grow them.

but the world has a way of sending you flowers when you're convinced there's not enough sunlight to grow them.by Alicia Napierkowski
Editor in Chief

I originally wrote this piece for my personal blog, Sunlight & Insight. Since my Dad had been diagnosed with cancer two years ago, I’ve turned to writing to not only help myself cope with the unexpected but also for others who can relate. This is for you.

Sometimes I get so caught up in finding the right words that I build a dam instead of letting them flow through me. Often, I forget writing is one thing I don’t have to try to control.

“You can be a bright thing in the midst of this darkness,” Hannah Brencher wrote to me in an email. I’ve obsessively replayed those words in my head and reflected on them the last two weeks. Perfectly timed and stated, they were the words I needed to hear, that I didn’t know I needed to hear. I befriended somebody my soul really needed. My footing has become a little stronger because of it. Continue reading…

Happy National Women’s Equality Day!

Feminism isn’t a quiet mutter because feminism

Feminism isn’t a quiet mutter because feminismBy Alicia Napierkowski

It’s National Women’s Equality Day and I am feeling all of the feels. I am excited, empowered, and honored to have been passed down the torch of badass-ery from the women who struck the match and lit the flame for equality. Forty five years ago today, women were on strike. Ninety five years ago today, women won the right to vote (Can I get a ‘HELL YEAH’). It was one of the most peaceful, powerful, and successful movements in history with the victory of the nineteenth amendment.

Continue reading…