BeaverTalk with Jillian Foster

Erin and Sal spend an awesome afternoon with Feminist Dialogue founder, Jillian Foster. Feminist Dialogue is the team that brings you awesome feminist community events like Bitches Who Brunch! Learn why Jillian became a feminist, how you can get involved brunch style, and why men should feel comfortable using the F word.

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Feminist Wednesday is so excited to bring you a new episode of BeaverTalk, the podcast that talks about your favorite feminist topics and issues. BeaverTalk is hosted by Feminist Wednesday founder Erin Bagwell and Feminist Wednesday editor Sal Mastrocola. In this brand new episode of BeaverTalk Erin and Sal sat down in the Beaver Dam with Serenity Hart, nude model, artist, and body love guru. Serenity is also the creator of the “Topless Tour de Canada,” a nation-wide tour that will demonstrate the right women have to bare their chests in public spaces across Canada.

We talked to her about what it’s like to be a nude model, how her photos are changing the way we view body image, and we can all be as empowered and brave as she is in our daily lives.

To support Serenity’s kickstarter campaign click here to pledge until Sat, May 3 2014 



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Beaver Talk Reviews

Beaver Talk Episode 2
In Her Shoes: A live panel discussion about women’s challenges and successes in the workplace

“Thank you for facilitating a panel at the AWNY ACC. I am not typically a super-feminist, but decided to break out of my comfort zone by attending. I think I left the panel as a feminist. Everyone had phenomenal insights, including yourself. Thanks so much!”
– Jessica L, Rider University


“I’m so glad that discussion is immortalized forever via podcast. I think that workshop was my favorite event of the entire conference.”
– Shelby F, Appalachian State University


“Thank you so much for hosting the panel this past Saturday at the AWNY conference. I consider myself a feminist and it was so great to see that I’m not alone in the field that I’ve chosen. I feel so much more enlightened and confident in my future thanks to you ladies.”
– Samee C, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Beaver Talk, Episode 2: Women’s Challenges and Success in the Workplace (Live Panel Discussion)


This episode is really special to me because I got the amazing opportunity to host a feminist panel at the Advertising Women of New York’s Advertising Career Conference.

Every year AWNY puts on a conference for over 500 students around the US to introduce them to the world of advertising. I got the chance to moderate a panel with four bad ass bitches from the advertising world: Elisa: Senior Account Manager, Kelly Wenzel: CMO of Centro, Christelle Jerome: Account Supervisor at Publicis Life Medicus, and Roseanne Amoils: Certified Career Coach of Whats Next Club.

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Beaver Talk, Episode 1: Street Harassment with Emily May

When I first heard about Hollaback; the organization standing up to street harassment, I was overjoyed and perplexed…Who are these mythical Hollaback people, what are they doing to keep our streets safe, and how are they doing it? I had to find out! So I did! I chatted with Emily May about why she started Hollaback, how it is affecting communities across the globe, and what makes her a bad ass bitch!

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Beaver Talk


Documentary filmmaking is a process that involves patience, vision, and a tremendous amount of courage to visualize a story and go after it. Award winning director and womens’ activist Epiphany Morgan sat down with us to chat about her controversial and heartwarming film, The Room. 

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