NEW Episode of BeaverTalk

Hooray! A Brand NEW Episode of the BeaverTalk podcast by Feminist Wednesday is now live!

On today’s episode of BeaverTalk listen to Sal and Erin chat about their broken air conditioner, taking your partner’s last name, and their upcoming backyard wedding in Buffalo!

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New BeaverTalk with the Ladies from Feminist Dialogue

BeaverTalkHost_FDBrand NEW BeaverTalk!

Join your hosts Erin and Sal from Feminist Wednesday as they discuss misogyny and violence with Jillian, Dana, and Brynn from Feminist Dialogue. We dissect the horrible Elliot Rodger tragedy, the cultural expectation of sex from the media, and Jillian’s terrible run-in with rape culture on a date.

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NEW BeaverTalk!

artworks-000080656067-58vsny-t500x500BEAVERTALK Episode 9: High School

Join Erin and Sal as they talk to Tracey B Wilson (curator and creator of the book Heal This Way) and Katrina Mitilenes (Founder of Women Solidarity) about being in high school, standing up for what you believe in, and why there is power in defying the “norm.”

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NEW BeaverTalk!

Happy Feminist Wednesday! In our new episode of BeaverTalk Erin and Sal chatted with the queen of punk fashion, Felicity Jayn Heath. Felicity is the CEO and Founder of Mermaid Killer, an international, cultural collective that spans Australia, The USA, Europe and Asia. We chatted with her about her musical influences, how she started the company, and why she thinks men should be more than allies.