Meet Our Team

Erin Bagwell, Founder & CEO

My name is Erin and I am an army brat. I grew up all over the U.S. but I call Buffalo, NY my home. I love being a feminist because being an informed and educated citizen of the world makes me a happier and more motivated creature. Everyday I go to work with these goals in mind: to give you empowering and awesome content, connect you with other like minded feministas and ignite your inner bad ass feminist.

Random Fact No One Knows About Me: I drew our world famous mascot, Betty the Beaver.

Also check out my new film Dream, Girl here.

twitter: @erinebagwell

Kylie Kendall, Editor in Chief

My name is Kylie and I’m a writer from Ottawa, Canada. I also do digital content for Feminist Wednesday’s sister production, Dream, Girl. I love being a feminist because I think sisterhood is so incredibly powerful. Since really immersing myself in the feminist movement, I’ve felt so supported and uplifted all the time. It’s amazing! I also think it’s my responsibility to use the platform I have, being born someone with a huge amount of privilege, to amplify other women and non-binary people’s voices that need to be heard.

Random Fact No One Knows About Me: I have a three-year-old brother named Max! But to be honest, most people know that about me since he’s my favorite person in the world and I talk about him non-stop. 

Alicia Napierkowski, Creative Director

My name is Alicia and I’m a writer, and designer from CT. I love being a feminist because equality, peace, and activism have always been the core of my being– nothing compares to what we, as women, are capable of when we’re empowered and come together. Since embracing myself as a feminist, I’ve come to know my voice and ability to be a vessel for change. I hope to invigorate the Universe with positivity and a badass feminist spirit.

Random Fact No One Knows About Me: I’m an Oxford Comma Advocate. 

Twitter: @aliciamnap

Maggie Kerry, Feminist Wednesday Social Media

My name is Maggie. I am a bookstore clerk and a college student outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I am a proud mama of 3 cats and a goldfish named Penny. I love being a feminist because it gives me the confidence to be the woman I want to be, to be myself, and to be the quirky person I am even if society might not agree. I hope to encourage women to not feel afraid of not being accepted by society, and to question everything society insists is the right thing to do. I am not sure who originally said it, but “there is no wrong way to be a girl.”

Random Fact No One Knows About Me: is that I was the one who destroyed the puzzle my 4th grade class had spent weeks building.  It was a total accident! It feels good to finally get that off my chest after all these years.

Ashlee Moser, Feminist Wednesday Social Media

My name is Ashlee Moser and I am currently living in St. Paul, Minnesota. I work as an Advertising Specialist for the Minnesota Women’s Press, a magazine that strives to “tell women’s stories in ways that create community and encourage change.” I love being a feminist because it challenges me to view the world through the lens of other people’s circumstances. To me, this is where change starts. We all have the capacity for understanding and we all yearn to be understood. I know it sounds cliche, but change truly does start from within.

Random Fact No One Knows About Me: I love to sing, but these days my shower head and steering wheel are the only ones giving me accolades.

twitter: @ashleermoser



My name is Jeri, and presently, I am the mature lady of this group. I was raised by progressive parents during the emerging Feminist generation of the 1960s and 1970s, and can offer a seasoned perspective on being an empowered woman of the world. Feminism, for me, is a way of life — removing gender roles from the equation and just being who I want to be. Anyone can do it. It’s a mindset. I spent 23 years of my life in publishing and advertising. Sixteen years ago, I risked giving up my lucrative career to become a public school English teacher. Presenting professional development workshops to novice teachers, negotiating for the teachers’ union, and working as an educational writer are just a few of the outlets I have pursued during my years in education. I work tirelessly, helping young teens to reflect on their life choices, and I guide them into developing to be the best they can be. My regular mentoring of students (and often their parents), both inside and outside the classroom, has come from my continuous open door policy and their many requests to me. Teaching 14-year-olds is my true calling, and my classroom is my favorite place to be. Crazy, but true!

Random Fact No One Knows About Me: After 60 years, there is likely nothing left that has not been told; however, I own 23 pairs of Converse Chuck Taylors, and I can be found eating ice cream for dinner more often than I should ever admit to the public!


Hi there! I’m Taylor, a writer and theatrical artist. I was born and raised in the hills of a small town in Connecticut. Since then I’ve lived in New Hampshire, Alaska and Arizona. I love trains, exploring the wilderness, writing in cursive and lactose free Alfredo sauce. I am a feminist because the personal is political! I love that feminism encourages me to become the woman I want to be without apology and gives me the confidence to remind others that they have that same right.

Random Fact Nobody Knows About Me: When I was in elementary school, I used to pretend that I had purple eyes like Megara from “Hercules.”


My name is Whitney and I hail from the West Best Coast. I currently call downtown Baltimore home. I am a writer, reader, and outdoorswoman. I am an avid reader, and blog about the books I’m reading with an amazing group over I love being a feminist because it challenges me to think critically about the everyday and the academic, and pushes me to be a more understanding, passionate, and less pessimistic about the world. My feminism is a growing, evolving creature, and I’m happy with the person I’ve become embracing that part of mysef.
Random Fact No One Knows About Me: I have a tattoo which translates to ‘I shine’ as a nod to my hometown, which is too close for comfort to a nuclear site (where people ‘glow in the dark’).


My name is Tiffany and I am a feminist and social worker from Toronto, Ontario. Originally, I was born and raised in India, but now I call Canada home. I love being a feminist because I believe in equality and the empowerment of making my own choices. Identifying as a feminist has allowed me to shape my worldview, demands me to remain critical, and inspires me to challenge the status-quo.

Random Fact No One Knows About Me: I am obsessed about the Titanic. From researching facts and reading books, to watching documentaries and gathering collectible items, I simply cannot get enough of it. There is a certain allure about this topic that has me completely smitten. And oh yes, I find that anything related to the year 1912 must have had some special connection or meaning attached to the sinking of the ship. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.