Feminist Wednesday is feminist storytelling community, powered by beavers. We are a totally volunteer-run organization that thrives on our passion for equality and on the kindness of guest writers.

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Hi! My name is Erin Bagwell, and I was inspired to start Feminist Wednesday after an afternoon of emailing empowering articles with my girlfriends over a sluggish day at work. Reading about all the amazing, bad ass things women are accomplishing made me feel excited and motivated to get through the long day. We don’t often hear positive stories of female accomplishment in the media, and when the word feminist is used its ugly and usually out of context. However, the feminists I know are all brilliant, strong, emotional creatures. They don’t hate men or wallow in self pity, they are just highly motivated, organized, and fabulous women.  This is an important message, and I wanted to share those stories and articles that helped empower me to all my friends. So I started the biweekly newsletter and sent it out on what I believe to be the most terribly dull day of the week, Wednesday. Thus Feminist Wednesday was born.

Once I started sending out newsletters, listening to other women’s stories, and getting more involved in the feminist community I realized my mission was far greater than a single day of the week. So Feminist Wednesday’s new mission is to empower, enlighten, and encourage you everyday. You can listen to us chat about women’s issues on Beaver Talk, share your story with us on the blog, and join in the conversation on our social media outlets. However, we still encourage you to celebrate the holiday and tell us what you are doing to treat yourself on Feminist Wednesday.

So what about the beaver?

betty5I’m so glad you asked. Betty the Beaver is a North American beaver who hails from the Bronx River. When she isn’t being a figurehead for feminism or fighting inequality she can be seen signing autographs at the Botanical Gardens and eating water lilies.