A Story about Children’s Rights


322Feminist Wednesday is so excited to be partnering with Women in Leadership Uganda’s Teen Voices Programme, which encourages teens to write their stories. Stay tuned for more!

A Story about Children’s Rights

Raise up for your rights

There are many fights for rights

Even among children on the street

Who are neglected and rejected

Depressed and distressed

Misused and abused

These children on the street

Dressed in rugs

Addicted to drugs

Wondering like stray dogs

These won by their masters

There are children in homes

Whose lives are, but sad stories

Whose stories are never told

Whose voices are never heard

Whose song are never sung

There are children in this country

Whose lives are highly respected

Whose lives are meaningful

They raise up to defend their lives

They demand for education, food and care

Raise up children, fight for your rights

By Kanyago Anna Ruth

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