Stop Rape Culture

14602798720927.SA3HChMTSb2z40I3lIbp_height640by Sean Pacheco

I was always the one who cringed at the words, ‘pussy’ and ‘faggot.’ I always hated those words and words alike, but I never grasped the concepts of those words exactly.

I did not claim I was a feminist for a long time. I did not even realize the implications that these societal mannerisms produced.

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A College Reality: Fuckboy Culture and Female Objectification

By Elizabeth Patino

“Boys will be boys” is NOT a valid excuse. Ever.

Like many other women, I attend an elite college that reports high numbers of sexual assault and rape, and I can assuredly say that campus sexual violence is a scary reality. Frankly, it is difficult to avoid the ruthlessness of fuckboys, who embody hegemonic masculinity. In the classrooms, I am constantly subjected to being manterrupted and mansplained. At parties, I am incessantly objectified because of my appearance. This is the world we live in—a world established by the patriarchy, one in which men feel entitled to exploit and control women in any way possible. And this is a main component of the fuckboy agenda and culture. Naturally, I took it upon myself to deeply explore this phenomenon as part of my final project for my Global Feminism class. Continue reading…

Dress Codes-Keeping Women in Check for Decades

JenniferGregory_DressCodeJennifer Gregory
Covington, Texas

I spoke today with a female relative, Sandra, born in 1949. She told me about being forced to kneel in the hallway as a student in high school, to prove her skirt was the appropriate length. She expressed the humiliation she felt as she was forced to kneel and a teacher determined whether her clothing was acceptable for her to remain in school.
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Don’t Thank Me for Sharing


sharingBy Elysse Andrews

My name is Elysse Andrews and I am a rape victim and a rape survivor and yes, it’s possible to be both. I choose to speak out about being raped because discussion is the only way I know how to deal with scary things. If I don’t ever say them out loud, they live in my head and get bigger and bigger, until they consume me. Continue reading…

Meet Feminist Dialogue!

feminist_dialogueFeminist Dialogue is one of my favorite feminist organizations ever! They provide me the feminist philosophy class I never had in their feminist salon a la brunch ‘The Hive’. The Hive is an extraordinary event full of warm baked goods and respectful discourse on feminist topics and thoughts. I feel so thankful to have this feminist afternoon getaway  in my life I just had to share this amazing organization with all of you! Check out our exclusive interview with Feminist Dialogue and if you live in NYC or DC  you HAVE to go to one of their events. You will not be sorry, I bet my beaver on it!

Feminist Dialogue is such an awesome feminist community. How did it come into existence?

Feminist Dialogue (FD) was built on the backbone of Jillian Foster’s, our founder, three great passions — feminism, tweeting, and brunching. Our feminist salon a la brunch series, The Hive (formerly Bitches Who Brunch), began as causal brunches in Jillian’s home.  Simultaneously our Twitter presence expanded. In 2014, our team joined forces to formalize the organization and produce even more events, including monthly Hive brunches, forthcoming panels, workshops, feminist-speed-chats, and in 2015, a fancy feminist conference called Feminism in New York City.

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New BeaverTalk with the Ladies from Feminist Dialogue

BeaverTalkHost_FDBrand NEW BeaverTalk!

Join your hosts Erin and Sal from Feminist Wednesday as they discuss misogyny and violence with Jillian, Dana, and Brynn from Feminist Dialogue. We dissect the horrible Elliot Rodger tragedy, the cultural expectation of sex from the media, and Jillian’s terrible run-in with rape culture on a date.

*iTunes fans our RSS feed is not currently working, but our team is looking into making sure BeaverTalk is back on your iTunes accounts soon! Sorry for the inconvenience!


(NYC) Bitches Who Brunch – June 28th

BWBBitches Who Brunch travels to Liz Kanter’s house in Stuyvesant Town, East Village. Liz’s space is large but we cannot emphasize enough that these tickets will go very fast. Feminist Dialogue has already pre-sold a number of tickets. You only have two weeks to RSVP … Please reserve your spot ASAP.

This month, BWB will discuss rape culture, a timely, personal, and emotional topic for all of us.

What is Bitches Who Brunch? Whether you consider yourself a feminist or are simply trying that hat on for size, please join us for an informal feminist salon a la brunch. Show up ready to meet, mingle, discuss, and eat.  Bitches Who Brunch aims to be an inclusive space; we encourage men and people from marginalized identities, including women of color, LGBTQ+, non-binary, disabled, and low-income folks to attend.